Apple’s Biggest Flop

    When Apple launched its “Lisa” computer in 1983, it purchased massive newspaper ads with several columns in nine-point font that set out ALL of Lisa’s features.

    And – nobody cared.

    Lisa flopped.

    And Jobs ended up losing his position at Apple.

    14 years later, after Jobs returned to Apple after he had been at the helm of Pixar, Jobs marketed his computers with just this: THINK DIFFERENT.

    His much simpler marketing approach was far more effective, according to the author of Storybrand, because Jobs learned the power of stories and simplicity at Pixar.

    Excellent Marketing Book!

    Storybrand was recommended to me by an agent we work with (thank you Kenny Truong), and I loved it because its message was so clear and so helpful!

    The book was also wonderfully short (5 hours on Audible, or only 3+ hours at 1.5x speed).

    If you plan on marketing anything (including yourself), if you have a website, or if you are in sales, this book is a must-read!

    The author lays out a blueprint for building a powerful brand with the use of stories where the customer is the hero.

    If you make yourself the hero in your marketing, you are making a huge mistake (this concept alone makes the book worth reading).

    The other point the author drives home is that shorter is better! Everyone conveys way too many features and too much info. Clients cannot and will not absorb it!

    What Makes Great Stories, Movies, Books & Advertising

    In regard to stories, great movies, great books and great advertising ALL tell a similar story:

    1. There is a character (your client)
    2. who has a problem (that your service solves) and
    3. who needs a guide (you).
    4. The guide (you) provides a plan and
    5. calls the character (client) to action!
    6. The guide helps avoid failure (paint a picture of how bad life will be without you)
    7. And everything ends in success!

    We see this story framework play out in all kinds of famous movies. In Star Wars, for example, Luke Skywalker is the hero with a guide (Obi-wan) and a plan (to blow up the Death Star).

    If all this seems confusing – read or listen to the book! It is short, and it is chock full of great suggestions.

    You’ll be a much better marketer.

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