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Patience; Non-Stop Marketing; Long Sales Cycles

In 2013, Heejin attended a competitor’s (friends of hers) office warming party and of course had her marketing hat on. She befriended a very dynamic title company rep who started to refer Realtors our way in 2014.

We had great initial meetings with many of those Realtors in 2014, but they initially remained loyal to their existing lenders. We had no problem with that, as we appreciate loyalty as much as anyone, but we remained in contact with all of those Realtors with our Daily Comments, Newsletters and occasional meetings.

As a result, many of them started referring buyers to us in 2015 and 2016.

This story is a great reminder, especially for those who are new in real estate or mortgages, that sales cycles can be very long, that we all need to have our marketing hats on at all times, and that constant contact is essential. We also need to be patient.

Heejin had no idea what would come from her visit to that party in 2013, but b/c of her experience (knowing that referrals can come from anywhere) and efforts that night, JVM now has far more business with Realtors we love working with.

Jay Voorhees
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