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Your Clients Will Google You, And You’re Losing Them

Your Clients Will Google You, And You're Losing Them

We work with an agent who closes 150 transactions per year, and her “Google presence” is practically perfect.

While her Google presence is not the only reason she does so much business, it is a major contributor.

When people Google just her name (and nothing else), the search results literally dominate page 1 of Google.

What this means is that the only items people see on page 1 of her search results are positive references to her.

She has numerous line items with five-star reviews from a variety of sites, and her business information is filled out completely as well.

Her Yelp, Zillow, Reach150, Facebook, website, brokerage, and LinkedIn references all pop up along with several other sites.

There is an art to making sure your Google results look as impressive as hers, and we are happy to assist our agent-partners in this endeavor.

We offer full Digital Audits that we perform on behalf of our agent partners. We do this b/c it always gets them more business, which of course gets us more business in turn.

I blogged about this in January but am bringing it up again b/c we are still constantly meeting agents who simply have a terrible digital presence.

And, they are most definitely losing clients as a result (to agents who have a much stronger presence) and they probably don’t even know it.

In 2019, you need a pristine digital presence.

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