Buy now, refi later FOR FREE.

JVM's Rate Drop Free-fi™ lets you take advantage of lower rates as soon as 4 months after your purchase transaction closes.

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JVM Lending will cover one of the biggest obstacles to refinancing – your closing costs!*

JVM's Rate Drop Free-fi™ includes:

  • Your appraisal fee
  • Your credit report fee
  • Your processing & underwriting fees
  • Your title & escrow fees
  • Your notary & doc prep fees


When will rates drop?

There are no guarantees, but we think rates could fall significantly as soon as mid 2024 - based on the predictions of numerous macroeconomic experts we follow. So buying when rates are higher can be an advantage because there is far less competition, and you will likely be able to refi into a lower rate later on.

Is there another way to get a lower rate?

We have numerous tools to help you lower your rate and payment if you buy in a higher interest rate environment. For information in regard to any of this, we encourage you to reach out to one of our experts at JVM Lending.

How do I know if I qualify for a JVM Rate Drop Free-fi™?

As long as you close your home purchase for your current property with JVM Lending after 10/24/2022, you are eligible to take advantage of a JVM Rate Drop Free-fi™ until 12/31/2025.

Buy now, refi later FOR FREE.

Start your loan pre-approval or schedule a time to talk with one of JVM Lending's mortgage experts. Buy your home with JVM to lock in your Free-fi™ and we will notify you as soon as rates drop.

*ELIGIBILITY: 1) Client must first purchase their home with JVM Lending with a closing date occurring between 10/24/2022 and 12/31/2024 in order to be eligible for JVM's Rate Drop Free-fi. 2) Eligible for primary residences only. 3) Refinance offer must be claimed by locking initial rate between 120 days and 36 months from purchase closing date. 4) Refinance loan must be on the same subject property as the original purchase loan. 5) JVM Lending will cover the following fees as a lender-paid credit: first appraisal fees only (if additional appraisals are needed, that cost will be covered by the client), credit report, tax certification, mortgage recording fee, flood certification and life of loan, notary fees, and if a conventional loan, processing and underwriting fees.

This offer cannot be combined with any other JVM promotional offers or discounts. This offer is limited to one use. This offer is subject to changes or cancellation at any time at the sole discretion of JVM Lending. Additional restrictions/conditions may apply. This is not a commitment to lend and is contingent on qualification per full underwriting guidelines. Questions about this offer? Contact JVM Lending at (855) 855-4491, email [email protected], or visit jvmlending.com/contact-us.

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