a man is scrolling through a warm and visually inviting website. I heard this excellent quote on a podcast yesterday, from a guest quoting her Rabbi: “When I was young, I admired people who were clever; now that I am older, I admire people who are kind.

I love that quote b/c it is another lesson that took me too long to learn. I only now realize how much harder and more important it is to be kind.

On to another quote: “Great Design Builds Trust.” That is from the book Conversion Code that I have been referencing lately.

The author rightly points out that every client will look for you on the web, and if you don’t have a warm and powerful website to build trust, you will lose clients.

In 2017, websites build trust and trust retains clients. Websites play a much larger role in purchasing decisions than most people realize.

The author referenced a study in which women were asked why they left websites before buying or engaging. Their answers included: (1) too busy – too much info; (2) too many columns; (3) popups and flashing banners of any kind; (4) off-putting colors and images.

Content/text is no longer king. Visuals are king, and expectations are high.

If you want to remain competitive in 2018 and beyond, you need a stunning website.

We work with some extraordinarily good web designers (out of Romania no less), so please let us know if you need someone to help spruce up your website. We’d love to give them more work and also help our valued referral partners.

Jay Voorhees
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