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As a designated “essential business,” JVM Lending is open and funding mortgage loans during the COVID-19 crisis. Most types of mortgage financing remain available for qualified borrowers. If you are looking for information relating to payment forbearance, please see JVM's Forbearance Resource Center.

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To get the home of our dreams, we went with JVM in order to offer a 14 day close. JVM delivered and we couldn’t be happier. I have a hard time believing a big bank could ever deliver an experience like JVM in a 14 day time window. You won’t regret going with JVM.

Stephen W.

“My wife and I had a fantastic experience with the JVM Lending team. Extremely capable and supportive, the team helped us through the whole process with ease and a personal touch. We can’t thank them enough!”

Devin C.

From the very first call until after closing, the entire team at JVM Lending was incredible. They were efficient, professional, thorough, and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Nicole M.

#1 Mortgage Lender in Customer Satisfaction

“We worked with JVM Lending with the purchase of our very first home. They made the process so easy, I wish I didn’t wait so long to buy one. They were reliable, always available to help me with my many requests and extremely friendly. The option to close so quickly also made our offers more attractive. We will definitely use them again!!”

Heather G.

“JVM was absolutely amazing to work with! Somehow they managed the smoothest 15 day close possible. My team of Diandra, Jenna, and Meg worked seamlessly together and were always available to help or answer any of my questions. Meg especially worked some magic to get through a couple issues! I love my house, and I’m so grateful for the help these ladies provided!”

Corey R.

“My husband and I just moved into our new home and we can honestly say that our experience with the JVM Lending Team has been nothing but wonderful!
From the very beginning, Heidi and Mary were so friendly and encouraging. We worked with Jenna and Erin for most of the lending process and they were such a pleasure to work with. They expeditiously responded to every email and question we had, and were sure to always follow up. We worked with Beau and Theresa for final approval documents and they were also as friendly and helpful as can be. Jay also reached out to follow up after we closed, and completed our positive experience.
When they say they can close in 14 days, they really mean it! They exceeded our expectations when it came to first time home buying, and we will happily refer them to anyone in the market for a new home!”

Abigail F.

“JVM Lending is nothing short of amazing! I cannot recommend their services enough, especially if you want to win a deal in the insanely competitive Bay Area real estate market. This group is creative, enthusiastic and very supportive, as well as super professional. They are available for questions at all times- someone is always on call, which is a huge comfort when questions come up that are time-sensitive. I can’t believe how fast we closed, but that was a key to winning the deal with the seller. This team is also masterful at finding ways to allow buyers to make non-contingent offers, and great about illustrating all the scenarios, so you can be very aware of exactly what will happen in best and worst case scenarios. I found that very helpful for decision-making. Never thought I could feel this way about a lender, but everyone on this team is just lovely. Thank you for making my experience so pleasant and successful!”

Heather B.

“My wife and I were recommended JVM lending from a local realtor and from our first phone call with Evan about getting pre-approved we were sold. We were totally newbies to the home buying process and Evan really guided us through everything and made getting pre approved so simple and fast. I really believe their use of drop box is just brilliant.
But little did we know that the team at JVM got more impressive when we went into contract on our first home!
They are true to their word as we really closed in 15 days! Which literally blew our realtor’s mind. But what we appreciate most is really how polite everyone is! Erin handled our closing and she was so kind and answered our questions so diligently we felt like we were their only client. Just all around an amazing team!

Thank you Evan, Erin, Beau and the JVM team for helping us buy our first home!”

Jake D.

“The absolute best in the business. When we first started the process, we were working with a different lender. He made me feel small because i was a woman. If I said “”no”” to something, he’d insist I didn’t understand and then would call to mansplain things to me. If my husband said “”no,”” he’d take that as the final word. I didn’t like that. I started going through the list of recommended lenders our realtor gave us. The first’s email bounced back (thankfully) because the second was JVM. JVM has been incredible throughout the whole process. They treated me like an equal, allowed me to ask dumb questions, and gave me so much information to really help me understand the financial process.

Diandra, Jenna, and Meg were rockstars. They’re fast, thorough, and incredibly intelligent. They don’t sugarcoat anything yet still have a type of bedside manner that helps you get through the stressful parts. Would recommend 10/10 times to anyone. THANK YOU!”

Renee S.

“We cannot possibly recommend JVM enough! From running scenario after scenario for our preapproval, to collaborating with our agent for our loan, to closing in just 15 DAYS (!!), every single person we worked with was incredible. They were professional, straight-forward, and beyond competent. We were first time homebuyers and throughout the entire process we felt fully confident that JVM had everything under control and were leading us with wisdom and deftness. Many many thanks to everyone who helped, and especially Heidi, Jenna, and Erin!”

Leah C.

“Got our first mortgage and a refinance with JVM and can’t recommend them highly enough. Competitive rates but truly standout customer service – made the process easy for first time home buyers, and their incredibly fast closing period made us competitive buyers. Thank you!”

Annemarie L.

“I inquired with a couple of other lenders before going to JVM, and there was a noticeable difference. Everyone at JVM was incredibly professional and warm (yes, I felt that even through email!). The entire process from getting pre-approved to closing was done through drop-box and email which made everything so easy. I had lots of questions throughout, and they replied with thorough explanations within an hour every time, even during after hours. I think I sent an email on Thanksgiving and got a reply from an on-call staff minutes later (no joke!). Our realtor, who’s worked with many lenders, also mentioned that they were so on it and easy to work with. I can’t recommend JVM enough. Thank you for everything Denis, Jenna and Meg!”

Katherine B.

“Here to confirm what everyone else is saying- going with JVM gave us a definitive edge on other bidders (and there were 10 other offers on our house) as the seller’s agent knew of JVM and their sterling reputation and steered their client towards us and away from another HIGHER offer from an less reputable lender. Speed to close is everything in this market- JVM was actually offering a quicker closing than we were ready to move in!

They have a big team which means any and everyone is willing to jump on your every question. It was a big positive for us as first-time buyers.”

Dana B.

“My husband and I were thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the service we got from the JVM team. The speed of the process was unbelievable. Their thoroughness, transparency and timely communications made the entire lending process as smooth as we have ever experienced in about a dozen property purchases.”

Jeff W.

“We just bought our first house in bay area. People used to tell us the whole process of buying a house is very hectic and stressful. It wasn’t as bad as described; thanks to JVM Lending. I had a great experience working with Erin, Jenna and the team. Communication was prompt and clear, resulting in quick closing. The house I bought was on a short sale notice by a bank and JVM did exactly what needed to be done. I highly recommend JVM Lending, especially if you need to close quickly. I am very pleased with my realtor for hooking me up with JVM Lending. All the best to the team.”

Sanjay D.

“JVM helped our new family get our new home in just 15 days! With a great team of knowledgeable and friendly financial professionals at your disposal, I can’t think of a reason to go anywhere else. Each and every team member gave us the attention we needed and were incredibly quick and responsive to my questions. I’ll be coming back to JVM for sure!”

Alex V.

“My wife and I were terrified of the prospect of getting a home loan and dealing with all the paperwork and complications that go with it. JVM was incredible and made a normally stressful situation surprisingly easy. Everyone was incredible and super helpful throughout the entire process. I wouldn’t hesitate to use then again in the future.”

Gare B.

“My husband and I were recommended JVM lending from a local realtor and from our first phone call with Evan about getting pre-approved we were sold. We were totally newbies to the home buying process and Evan really guided us through everything and made getting pre approved so simple and fast. I really believe their use of drop box is just brilliant.
But little did we know that the team at JVM got more impressive when we went into contract on our first home!
They are true to their word as we really closed in 15 days! Which literally blew our realtor’s mind. But what we appreciate most is really how polite everyone is! Erin handled our closing and she was so kind and answered our questions so diligently we felt like we were their only client. Just all around an amazing team!

Thank you Evan, Erin, Beau and the JVM team for helping us buy our first home!”

Talia D.

“I recommend JVM lending to anyone that mentions they might interested in buying a home.
-they answer their phone & respond to emails SO FAST
-they know your unique scenario and work WITH you to help you buy a home vs a large bank with so many clients that you’re just an account number
-they proactively contacted me (but were not pushy) when rates changed an there was an opportunity to refinance and save $$$
-they will answer all your questions (often twice!) with enormous patience and really explain things in lay person terms
-they do as much as possible electronically
-my friend used a bank mortgage lender and eventually had to switch to JVM and he also sang their praises in comparison”

Frankie F.

“Our realtor highly recommended JVM when we first starting looking to buy, and we are so glad she did! From the pre-approval, through closing, they made every step as easy and stress-free as possible. This was our first home buying experience, so we had a steep learning curve, but they are so well organized, and each person we dealt with was friendly, helpful, responsive, and overall very professional, it took much of the stress out of the equation. Their 15 day closing promise was a huge factor in our first offer being accepted, and we closed right on time! I highly recommend JVM lending!”

Bleu C.

“Honestly, for our first home this was the smoothest, most pleasant experience I’ve had. You could email them Sunday night and expect a response! Unreal. We’d come to find later that talking with our dozens of friends that have bought homes, NONE compared to our experience with JVM. They’re warm, friendly, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and just plain rockstars! They break down the whole process for you, and their project management is on point. We even had the seller’s team be surprised by how efficient JVM was. If we ever buy another home in another state, I’ll honestly push to have JVM re-licensed there to be our lender. Thank you guys!”

Vish M.

“JVM IS AMAZING and are the lenders to use! I had previously been working with a bank as my lender, and had requested a pre-approval letter on a Friday afternoon for properties I was going to look at that weekend. I was then notified that my pre-approval had expired, so I was tough out of luck and my application would have to be re-submitted. I was fraught, so my realtor gave me a recommendation to look at JVM Lending. I filled out the form online and when I finished I decided to write a follow up email to my contact to explain the situation. Before I could hit send, I received not only the auto-receipt email, but an email from one of the agents letting me know they could help and what I need to do to continue the process. They provided me a pre-approval letter that weekend and I was able to make an offer on the place I now own.

That was just the initial application. The entire process was so smooth and efficient with superb customer service. I was a little uncertain with having to deal with so many different people, but they quickly squashed any concerns I had. Every transaction and step was seamless and everyone reached out and offered help, and they meant it. I had questions a few times, and they were quick and accommodating with my schedule to respond. They also were always on top of all the paperwork, and even ahead of the game! They also explained every thing very clearly and all of their FAQ and guides were very helpful and informative. They were in constant communication and before the weekend, I would receive updates if anything was outstanding on their end.

The final touch, a handwritten card from the owner and a housewarming gift from the company!”

Erin O.


JVM was simply a FABULOUS team of professionals to work with on our home purchase! They provided such personalized service, were super responsive by email and phone, and were so patient and kind. They kept us in the loop and explained things along the way making us feel like we were their most important clients (but I’m certain they make all their clients feel this way based on the Yelps!).

Purchasing a home can be such a stressful and overwhelming experience, and I cannot say enough on how they helped make it a smooth and positive experience for us. Thank you to the entire JVM team for their awesomely consistent and uber professional service!

SPECIAL THANK YOU to these ladies who really were there for us every step of the way! You gals rock!!!
Abigail Martin and Mary Barker, Mortgage Analysts
Jenna Armstrong, Senior Mortgage Analyst
Madeline Elbgal, Senior Closing Specialist”

Joanne F.

“Wow.. that’s all I can say about JVM. I think I am still in shock. Not only did they close our home in 21 days as we agreed, but we had the opportunity to close a couple days earlier due to the JVM’s ability to process and turn things around so quickly.

We want to thank the entire JVM team that handled our loan from Heidi, Jenna, Beau, Casey, and especially ChingChi. You guys were always professional, quick to respond, available to guide us through this process, and made the our first home buying experience extremely pleasant and smooth. I’ve heard from many friends about the horror stories during closing, specifically with their loans, but our experience with JVM was far from that. They kept us in the loop every step of the way and were available to answer any questions we had.

JVM’s strong reputation was definitely a contributing factor to getting our offer accepted in this crazy Bay Area market and we would highly recommend them to all our family and friends.”

Tony N.

“I see 5 stars all the way down this page, which is what I should see! This team is so helpful, hard working, attentive, and so much more! I can’t express how much we appreciate everything they did for us and all the help they provided from start to finish. THEY ARE ON TOP OF IT! I felt like I was going to go crazy half the time, but they kept me sane. The house buying process is far from a cakewalk, but they were there every second of the way to help us get there! We couldn’t be happier with our experience and the amount of hard work they put in to get us into our new home. I would highly recommend using JVM Lending to anyone. I had the pleasure of working with Erin Piper, Heidi Ameli, Jenna Armstrong and Chingchi Yu. I cannot thank you guys enough for being so great!! I’m officially a home owner.. AHHHH!!!”

Marissa A.

“We just bought our first home, and we couldn’t have been happier with the great job that everyone at JVM Lending provided. Madeline, Diandra, Jay, Jenna, and Beau were all so nice to work with. They all kept the loan process moving along as smoothly as possible. They were prepared for anything, keeping us one step ahead at all times. We ended up closing before the date that we had all planned on! They were also great at explaining all of the details throughout the process, which was very helpful for us first time homebuyers. And did I mention how quickly they work? They got in touch with us on a weekend to get our pre-approval started. We were very impressed with their work.”

Penny F.

“JVM is the real deal!! They were extremely responsive, super nice, and always available to answer all of our questions.

Their 15 day close is amazing too. They met all the deadlines they said they would. The entire team is a pleasure to work with. Thank you all for making our home dream a reality.

I highly recommend JVM for your home purchase! :)”

An I.

“We were so impressed with how awesome the whole team is over at JVM! They answered all of our questions within minutes and walked us through the whole process. They were able to accommodate our very immediate needs for preapproval and facilitated a smooth close in 15 days. I cannot speak highly enough about their professionalism, speed, and kindness. Every person I spoke with was very warm and very competent. I believe working with JVM was a major part of why we were able to purchase our home. Their speed made us very competitive buyers. Special thanks to Madeline for the calming and supportive phone calls.”

Teisha M.

“Amazing. JVM Lending has every facet of mortgage lending down to a tee. They are a lean, mean, mortgage broker machine. I could not believe how smooth and efficient their internal processes are. JVM are the gold standard, and I am relieved I worked with them to purchase our 2nd property.

Much thanks to Jenna, Diandra, and to Meg for their great help, knowledge, and timely responsiveness. The whole JVM Lending team are a special group and I felt at ease at each step of the way. Highly recommended for all your mortgage needs.”

Carlo M.

“These reviews don’t lie: JVM is awesome. Our home buying roller coaster was start and stop for over two years. We had lots of questions over that time and JVM was always quick to respond. We made a few unsuccessful offers. JVM never made us feel burdensome and even offered to reach out to sellers directly to help us find success. When an offer was finally accepted (yay!) we needed to close in less than a month because our rental lease was ending. We closed and had keys in hand in TWENTY ONE DAYS! There was a holiday in there, so it was only 15 working days. We purchased a foreclosure and closing would have been faster if the bank/seller was as organized as JVM.

We cannot speak highly enough of JVM. These folks are organized, polite and professional.”

N G.

“I cannot recommend JVM more highly–this was one of the best customer-service experiences of my life! Denis, Heidi, and Jenna were responsive, great communicators, and so, so helpful as we bought our first home in Oakland. They are well-respected among local real estate agents, which definitely gave us the edge when we put in our offer (the seller’s agent went with our bid in part because they liked JVM so much). The entire team at JVM is incredibly savvy and answered every question. Better yet, they gave us great advice when we had to make a high-stakes, last-minute decision. I always felt like they were on our side, and looking out for our best interests. Closing was crazy-fast. AND they sent us a beautiful housewarming present when we moved into our new home. A++++ and thank you so much, JVM! We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Emily T.

“Holy cow! They were so fast and efficient! I have purchased 8 properties in my life. Each time it was such a struggle to get the loan thru. There was always “just one more (stupid) document” I had to submit. But with these guys – it was so quick and I dare say, enjoyable! I think we were approved in maybe 7 days completely hassle free? I was shocked at how smooth everything went. I still not sure these guys are for real…Don’t they know that they’re supposed to torture the home buyer? LOL!”

Linton J.

“Our experience with JVM was great all around. They were attentive from day one and very responsive. They were always helpful and never condescending when we asked silly/obvious questions. As first time home buyers, we needed the comfort of experience and expertise and we got that and more from JVM. They always made sure we were clear on what was required of us and what was a realistic price range. I’m so glad our realtor recommended them. We would have been lost without JVM. I would highly recommend!”


“My loan was a very difficult one, in fact I didn’t think it could be done. But, the team at JVM got it through it with no problems at all! The overall professionalism of JVM Lending and the company’s desire to get things done and get them done correctly and expeditiously was extremely impressive.”

Randa W.

“Cannot say enough nice things about JVM, they set the gold standard on helping us get a loan. From the response time to their professional manner and personalized touches made the experience flawless. As hard as this process can be they were really great helping us along. Would strongly recommend them and they helped us buy our dream house as we were able to close in 15 days that really helped our offer get approved! Strongly recommend and think Comcast should learn how to run a business from JVM!”

Tom F.

“If you are buying your first home, you probably have no idea what lies ahead. I certainly didn’t. Finding the right lender is going to make or break your experience and JVM are the reason we are finally sitting comfortably in our own home.

Meg, Jenna, Mary, Heidi, Jay himself and a host of other JVM team members made that possible! Their speed and professionalism really sets them apart.

Every phase of the process was made simple with step by step guidance and checklists. They help you get your ducks in a row early and ensure everything stays current as each day passes.

JVM’s quick close and general reputation significantly strengthened our offer and when the seller had to pick from the offers in front of them. Jay went above and beyond to send a message about the strengths and merits of us as the right buyer. It helped tip the scale in our favor.

I look forward to continuing to working with JVM in the future for refinancing and I have already started referring friends.”

Shane M.

“I can’t sing the praises of JVM lending any louder!!! From the initiation of our loan to closing and after, JVM’s staff was the absolute best!! TruE to their word, JVM was ready to close in 15 days!! Due to issues, solely the sellers’, the escrow was 2 months! Throughout it all, JVM kept in touch offering assistance wherever and whenever they could. Everyone at JVM, with whom we came in contact, was friendly, quickly responsive to our questions and concerns (even on weekends!) a consummate professional, thorough and knowledgeable, AND a great team player! And, everyone on the team knew, and could provide assistance and information about, our particular loan process. From our experience, JVM is in a league of its own! We will contact them, again, in a heartbeat next time we enter a real estate purchase or refinance! In the meantime, we very highly recommend them! (Plus, they have great M & Ms in the conference room!!)”

Elaine H.

“Working with JVM was the most seamless loan experience I’ve ever had. The level of communication was outstanding. I loved the fact that they had different departments to handle certain different steps of the loan. Again, I can’t say it enough that the level of communication was phenomenal. If your looking for a company that is going to communicate effectively, consistently and with transparency then JVM is the way to go.”

Janae P.

“JVM Lending made it such a stress free closing i was WOW’ed. These guys have their stuff together. I closed my home in 15 days and each and every individual had their task on point. i never had to go to their office,everything was done via email on online seamlessly. Communication was amazing. I never left a message coz there was someone always available to assist me. One time my loan specialist actually walked away from a meeting to answer my call. Just how much they cared for me knowing that this could be a tough process was more than amazing. Erin, Heidi, and all the JVM team, you guys ROCK.”

Mo M.

“My agent recommended JVM Lending because I needed a competitive advantage over other bidders in this crazy east bay market where other bidders are offering cash, and well over the asking price. The combination of being a local company that knows this market, offering a fast close (mine was less than 20 days) with no contingencies, and their ability to turn around appraisals in just a couple days were the winning combination! And the team and their workflow was simply amazing. Every JVM team member was an expert in their specific role, and the handoffs from one person to the next were smooth and seamless. Thoroughly professional and delightful to work with, I always felt supported and up to date with the progress of my loan!”

Eric A.

“I used JVM to purchase my new home in Walnut Creek. I did not wish to use an old school traditional bank for the process and decided to research lenders in my area for a better experience.

I checked out a few different lenders, but saw that JVM had a lengthy list of happy customers who had taken the time to review.

As soon as I jumped into the lending pond, JVM surprised me. Each person I encountered through the process was very responsive, helpful, and upbeat. While there are so many pieces to the home lending puzzle, JVM seamlessly connected all the dots and kept me in the loop at each step.

I have since recommended JVM to others who are in the real estate industry as well as those looking for a home mortgage.

Thanks JVM!”

Liesa W.

“Extraordinary and professional organization. My wife and I purchased a home in Santa Clara recently and quite simply we received the best conceivable service from JVM. Everyone we interacted with was highly professional and knowledgeable. Clearly everyone at JVM is well trained and highly skilled at knowing their financial products and also working with customers. We were considering an alternative loan structure with what will be an unnamed national commercial bank and it was night and day in terms of service. The bank was so opaque, slow, and unreliable to work with but everything with JVM was very transparent. There was simply no comparison in terms of the quality of people we were working with. JVM found us the right mortgage and made it happen. We are very grateful to them. In a competitive market like the bay area the ability to execute competently and quickly is essential to buying a home and JVM delivered exactly that for us.”

Michael S.

“This review is way over due. JVM Lending, has such an amazing team! Their on top of their game in absolutely from the very minimum to EVERYTHING! Thank you guys for making my husband and I dreams come true. We couldn’t have done it without you all. We definitely recommend this company.”

Deeandra R.

“JVM Lending is fantastic! All the team members are fabulous! I just purchased a home – first-time buyer! I was terribly nervous and anxious, but having the JVM team made the experience a positive one. Chingchi Yu, Senior Closing Specialist, worked closely with me and helped me along through this endeavor which I was so fearful of. Jenna Armstrong, Senior Mortgage Analyst, also worked with me, partnering with Chingchi. I think I emailed them about a million times a day, and they always responded right away and answered my questions thoroughly and in a way I could understand. Our communication was by email and phone – but I actually felt they were right by my side! I also had contact with Diandra Prutton, Senior Mortgage Analyst, Beau McGlasson, Appraisal Manager, and Nicholas Saenz, Mortgage Analyst & Business Development Officer. This is a team for success!

When JVM says they can close in 15 days, they really mean it! JVM actually helped me win my house over other bids as the sellers knew them and their great reputation for a quick and seamless 15-day close.

I recommended JVM to one of my friends, and guess what – JVM helped with her first house, and she’d already contacted them for this second one. The JVM team members are incredibly friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you, JVM! You are the best!”

Joanne J.

“As first time buyers we could not have asked for a better experience with JVM as our lenders! We had the pleasure of interacting with a number of JVM team members through our purchasing process and Diandra, Heidi, Jenna and Madeline were our own personal dream team. Communication was fast, easy and friendly.

We were referred through our Realtor and decided on JVM due to their very impressive closing times. We knew in this market having such a short closing timeline would vastly improve any offers we put forth and boy howdy were we right! Every single offer we submitted was handled so professionally and effortlessly through JVM, with a personal call to listing agents on our behalf. When THE offer finally was accepted, JVM’s promised closing time paid off and we were able to go from offer accepted to keys in hand in 14 days!

I cannot recommend JVM enough, you will not be disappointed with any aspect of their services!”

Chandra K.

“Securing a mortgage after 2008 can be extremely tedious, stressful and painful. The team at JVM Lending are the most professional mortgage brokers I have ever worked with. This was my third purchase and the easiest by far. My husband and I were able to close in less than a month. The level of professionalism by the entire team is unmatched. There is no weak link. Their communications with us and each other is consistent, thorough and seamless. They hit every deadline. Follow-up as promised every time. Delivered on every commitment and were an absolute joy to work with. They deserve every single start and accolade in each one of their reviews. They know what excellent customer service means and each member of the JVM team exceeds expectations. You would be crazy to work with anyone else.”

Anthony H.

“JVM Lending was great to work with! Every person we corresponded with was so friendly and we loved the quick response times. We had a team of people who helped us and they really streamlined every step of the process. It was also great having someone available on the weekends when we had questions that came up. Thank you JVM Lending for all of your assistance and for making the home buying process as easy as possible!”


“We cannot possibly recommend JVM enough! From running scenario after scenario for our preapproval, to collaborating with our agent for our loan, to closing in just 15 DAYS (!!), every single person we worked with was incredible. They were professional, straight-forward, and beyond competent. We were first time homebuyers and throughout the entire process we felt fully confident that JVM had everything under control and were leading us with wisdom and deftness. Many many thanks to everyone who helped, and especially Heidi, Jenna, and Erin!”

Leah C.

“We had an outstanding experience financing the purchase of our first home with JVM Lending.

We had a short escrow (19 days), and never once felt that JVM didn’t have things well under control. JVM’s communication to us throughout the process was outstanding…we always knew where we stood in the lending process, what was expected of us, and when it needed to be submitted to keep everything on track within our abbreviated timeframe. The team we worked with (Heidi, Diandra, Denise, Jenna, Beau, Meg, and Erin) was friendly, professional, and capable in all of our interactions.

We would work with JVM again, and can enthusiastically recommend them to anyone considering a lender (and looking to have a low-stress closing process!).”

Philip D.

“Our experience with JVM was incredible. Their team is absolutely amazing! From the second we were greeted at reception through the final signature, someone was always there to make sure we were taken care of and comfortable with what was happening. Everyone we worked with was very knowledgeable of the process and they made sure that all of our questions were answered – which is saying something because we asked A LOT of questions! JVM had a no surprise approach, so we always felt like we were well informed of the upcoming steps. This was very important for us since we had been planning a trip out of the country that happened to fall on the week our house was scheduled to close. We told them this early on and the JVM team helped us plan around the trip and made sure that everything was taken care of. We are still in shock at how low-stress the whole situation was. We honestly could not have done this without JVM and we cannot give them a strong enough recommendation. If we ever buy a home again, JVM will be the first people we call.”

Nicholas S.

“Fantastic experience with JVM lending. Our real estate agent recommended them for home purchase as they are able to process everything much more quickly than most mortgage brokers or agents and they have a great reputation with sellers in the area as a result – which can make a big difference in a competitive market.

Sure enough everything moved much faster than I have experience previously (this was the second time we have bought a home). For example JVM make sure that they order expedited appraisals immediately and so within 4 business days of our offer being accepted we already had our appraisal in hand, and within 7 days we had been able to address all conditions for the loan. This gave us a lot of peace of mind for the rest of the escrow process. We got fast response times, clear instructions, meaningful pre-approval and great customer service whenever we had questions. We were able to close 2 days early and could have closed another week earlier if the sellers had been ready to move out!

Thanks to Madeline, Jenna, Beau, Diandra, Heidi and all of the rest of your team for all of your help.”

Stephen C.

“My husband and I had a wonderful time working with JVM to purchase our first home. We closed in just 17 days with the help of JVM. The whole process went smoothly and there were seamless transitions between each department that we work with. We love JVM! Thank you for making our first home buying experience such a great one!”

Cora C.

“I was referred to JVM through my realtor and quickly checked Yelp. I was blown away by all the positive reviews so I felt confident in my pick from the start. As a first time homebuyer, I really did not know what to expect but with JVM Lending I had a very easy 30 day close. Jenna and Meg were so helpful and made it a very smooth process. They thoroughly answered any and all of my questions. They kept me updated at all times, and gave me reminders which were vital, as there is so much paperwork and requirements.

I would not hesitate to use JVM Lending again in the future!”

Johnny C.