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You decide to buy a new home!

What Happens

You fill out JVM’s online loan application and connect with one of our Client Advisors, who will: 

  1. Discuss your goals and answer ALL of your mortgage questions
  2. Walk you through the homebuying process​
  3. Provide you with​ valuable info on market conditions, monthly payments, loan types, cash to close, tax advantages, and more!
  4. Help you gather any supporting documentation needed for your loan application.

Step 2

Get Pre-Approved.

What Happens

We will review your loan application and supporting documentation, in order to:

  1. Make sure you are 100% qualified​ with no outstanding issues, to avoid any surprises once you are in contract
  2. Share detailed payment and closing cost scenarios to ensure you are comfortable with your desired price range
  3. Issue your official JVM Lending Certified® Pre-Approval Letter – so you can start your home search!

Step 3

Make Offers.

What Happens

You’ll shop for homes with your Real Estate Agent, who will help you:

  1. Search for the home of your dreams and decide on the best price to offer
  2. Get your offer accepted!​
  3. Open escrow, schedule inspections, ​and begin moving preparations

Step 4

Lock in your interest rate.

What Happens

Your Real Estate Agent sends us your ratified purchase contract and we:

  1. Review and update your loan file to ensure your transaction flows smoothly once in underwriting
  2. Quote & lock in your interest rate
  3. Order the property appraisal
  4. Send out your initial disclosures for signing

Step 5

Close On Your Home.

What Happens

As soon as your disclosures are signed, you’ll be introduced to your Closing Specialist, who will:

  1. Submit your file to underwriting
  2. Review the underwriter’s conditions with you
  3. Order your final loan documents and facilitate your signing appointment
  4. Ensure your loan funds and escrow closes on time!
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You are a brand new homeowner.

You’ll work with your own dedicated team of mortgage experts.

Working as a team is what makes JVM able to deliver:

  • Fast closings
  • Unbeatable response times
  • Constant availability
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