146 Five-Star Yelps - Responsiveness Is Recurring Theme We recently notched our 146th Five-Star Yelp Review – unfiltered that is; we have at least another 80 or so that are filtered because the reviewers are not “frequent Yelpers.”

    In any case, one of the recurring themes throughout all of our reviews (on Yelp, Zillow, website, etc.) is our responsiveness.

    People want fast answers – every time and all the time.

    This is why we guarantee 60 minute responses to phone calls and emails, and it is why our entire system is built around the need for speed. We train everyone to ensure they can provide thoughtful and timely responses. It is no small task but it is absolutely necessary.

    The irony is that we used to have business coaches who insisted it was impossible to do so, and that responding on the fly at all times would “spoil our clients and referral partners.” Nonsense.

    Those coaches were out of touch and unable to envision a system that ensures fast responses.

    We say it often, but competing in the digital age requires highly trained teams and very tight systems. Without this, business owners will spend 24/7 answering emails themselves, or they will lose business.

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