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Beware of Fake Reviews! Amazon Suing Fake Reviewers; We Like Yelp

When we first started requesting Yelp reviews, almost all of them (over 80 in all) were filtered and are still not shown. This is b/c of Yelp’s algorithms.

We were very frustrated at the time, but are now happy with this b/c we think this helps to ensure that Yelp’s reviews are authentic. We love that they cannot be faked, deleted or edited.

In this recent L2 Inc Video, Scott Galloway talks about Amazon suing over 1,000 “fake reviewers” who are selling reviews for $5 each. This is interesting b/c so many of us rely heavily on reviews nowadays before purchasing a product or service, and so many reviews are faked in one way or another.

As an aside, once again – we love the L2 Inc videos b/c they are great snapshots of what is happening in the digital world – a world we all need to prepare for, or get left behind.

Jay Voorhees
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