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We’re Embarrassed! Explaining Our Lowest Yelp Review; Social Proof

We're Embarrassed! Explaining Our Lowest Yelp Review; Social Proof

We are extremely embarrassed b/c we always tout the fact that all of our Yelp reviews (183 at last count) are “Five Stars.” But, yesterday we noticed that one is not “Five Stars” so we felt the need to explain it.

Here is our one low Yelp review:

4 Stars – 1/2/2013
I had a very positive experience with this Mortgage Broker. Extremely professional, attentive, and the fastest broker I have had the pleasure to work with.

We were clearly off our game in January of 2013, and we’d like to apologize to that reviewer and everyone else. Hopefully, our remaining 182 Five Star reviews offset the above Four Star review.

Here is my more serious point: We love “Social Proof” of expertise like Yelp b/c it can’t be edited or manipulated.

When I first got in the business I obtained testimonials from my mom, my grandma, two aunts, a buddy, and a neighbor :). OK – I exaggerate a little, but many lenders still do this – they obtain testimonials from friendly sources that mean little.

Purchase mortgages are often very difficult, and they require a lot of experience and expertise. Every lender should provide ample social proof to back up this very necessary experience.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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