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Is Yelp Dead?

Using Yelp In The Middle Of Nowhere My kids, brothers, nephew, and I take motorcycle trips every summer, and I just got back from our recent excursion through the Colorado Rockies. Everywhere we went, no matter how remote, my nephew would pull out his phone to search Yelp for places to eat – and Yelp […]Read More

Getting Good Reviews; Avoiding Bad Reviews; Best Platforms for Reviews

I love it when clients flame me or JVM about pretty much anything for two reasons: If they are flaming me directly, they are not doing so publicly on social media; and We use every morsel of feedback we get to constantly improve everything we do. We frequently discuss the importance of garnering authentic, five-star […]Read More

Nasty Fake Yelp Review – Follow Up; Yelp Horror Stories; Poor Yelp :)

I received so much feedback from yesterday’s blog that I felt compelled to follow up today. The responses were so overwhelmingly anti-Yelp, that I actually thought to myself: “poor Yelp” 😊 Yelp is, however, not exactly “poor,” as they apparently net anywhere from $10 to $20 million per quarter (although recent data was suspiciously hard […]Read More

Rethinking Yelp – Why We Hate Them and Love Them

Here is an irony – some of the worst reviews on Yelp are of Yelp. They average two stars, and you can see them here. Credit to Yelp for not filtering them. WHY WE HATE YELP We hate Yelp b/c they seem to randomly filter our best reviews, they charge a fortune for their advertising […]Read More

Testimonials = Necessity; EASY To Get With Reach150!

BUSINESS DEPENDS ON REPUTATION AND TESTIMONIALS Much of our business success depends on referrals and online reputation, and prioritizing this part of our business is essential to thrive in today’s market. With respect to borrower testimonials, we have had enormous success with Yelp, with over 250 Five-Star Reviews at last count. The mainstay of our […]Read More

We’re Embarrassed! Explaining Our Lowest Yelp Review; Social Proof

We are extremely embarrassed b/c we always tout the fact that all of our Yelp reviews (183 at last count) are “Five Stars.” But, yesterday we noticed that one is not “Five Stars” so we felt the need to explain it. Here is our one low Yelp review: 4 Stars – 1/2/2013 I had a […]Read More

Beware of Fake Reviews! Amazon Suing Fake Reviewers; We Like Yelp

When we first started requesting Yelp reviews, almost all of them (over 80 in all) were filtered and are still not shown. This is b/c of Yelp’s algorithms. We were very frustrated at the time, but are now happy with this b/c we think this helps to ensure that Yelp’s reviews are authentic. We love […]Read More

Established Brands Unnecessary; Upstarts Use Reviews; Yelp Obsession

Heejin and I spent most of the weekend watching “L2 Inc” videos on YouTube, and it wasn’t just b/c we are geeks (OK – that probably is the reason). BUT – the videos are excellent b/c they are short (3 minutes), and extremely informative and entertaining. They are also invaluable for every business in 2016. […]Read More

146 Five-Star Yelps – Responsiveness Is Recurring Theme

We recently notched our 146th Five-Star Yelp Review – unfiltered that is; we have at least another 80 or so that are filtered b/c the reviewers are not “frequent Yelpers.” In any case, one of the recurring themes throughout all of our reviews (on Yelp, Zillow, website, etc.) is our responsiveness. People want fast answers […]Read More

Our 136th 5-Star YELP Review Says It All; Yelp Gets Business!

We received our 136th Yelp Review yesterday, and it pretty much says it all. We have 48 reviews “unfiltered” and 88 “filtered” (that don’t show). We love Yelp b/c it is authentic (we can’t write the reviews), and it clearly gets us business. How’s your Yelp? Yesterday’s Review from Melissa A.: Having the team at […]Read More