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Millennials Are Coming/Are Here; Will Dominate Market; Be Ready

I have written several times about the need to be ready for “Millennials,” (young adults who came of age around the year 2000). They are here, and if you are not ready, your business will die.

To be ready, you need to be especially tech and social media (Yelp, Facebook, etc.) savvy, and you need to employ millennials (like JVM does) who literally run circles around us “old people” with their ability to navigate technology.

There is a somewhat famous Realtor in Oakland who does tremendous volume focusing solely on Millennials with mass social media (and the occasional bus-bench) campaigns. In addition, we know huge developers and mortgage banks who are staking their entire futures on the influx of Millennial buyers.

I stole the below excerpt from Rob Chrisman’s excellent blog:

Mortgage Master recently released a Millennials infographic saying that Millennials are expected to spend about $2 trillion on home purchases in the next five years and 93 percent of them want to own a home in the near future.

Be ready for Millennials, or be ready for less business.

Jay Voorhees
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