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Boomer Dads Are Driving Real Estate Agents Nuts

A few years ago, we helped a young woman repair her credit and worked with her for months to qualify for a condo purchase. When she was finally in contract, […]Read More

Millennial Homebuying Trends in 2022

Although the market seemed to have something for everyone, millennials were faced with some pretty tight competition. They were willing to take risks like foregoing typical contingencies like having a home appraisal or home inspection. They were willing to buy a home sight unseen. They were even willing to submit offers above asking price. Now that interest rates are rising and the competition is starting to die down, what can we expect from millennial homebuyers in 2022? Let’s take a look. Read More

Higher Interest Rates Did Not Slow Housing Appreciation; WHY?

A surge in home prices continues despite the fact that interest rates have climbed significantly – and will likely continue to climb at least in the near term. So, the question is, why do prices continue to surge in the face of higher rates? Two Reasons: (1) High demand because of demographics; and (2) Low inventory.Read More

How Millennials Power The Housing Market – 6 Conclusions

“Millennials Are Super Charging The Housing Market” This was a front page headline in the WSJ recently. The millennial surge is something we have all seen coming – but there […]Read More

Housing Inventory Crisis! How Bad Is It?

Picture yourself walking into your local Whole Foods and seeing 2/3 of the shelves entirely empty. That is exactly the state of the single-family residential real estate market today, according […]Read More

Student Loan Cash-Out Refinances

Millennials are one of the largest demographics and have taken the housing market by storm. Millennials accounted for 38 percent of home purchases in 2020 and more than half of […]Read More

Nordstrom, Walmart, Or Both?; Millennials Demand Both

Balancing High Service with Competitive Pricing: The Nordstrom-Walmart Strategy I was at a coaching event last year listening to an extremely successful loan officer, with a huge team, explaining how […]Read More

Why Hiring Recent College Grads In The Digital Age Is SO Necessary And Valuable

We have a large “Technology Committee” that meets every Friday to review and discuss all of our tech issues, opportunities, and solutions.  During last Friday’s meeting, two of our newer […]Read More

The New Millennial Housing Market in Texas

Millennial buyers (those born 1981-1997) have quickly entered the housing market and they are rapidly becoming the largest and fastest-growing demographic. A 2020 Realtor.com forecast gave the estimation that 51% of the housing market will be comprised of millennials, outnumbering both Generation X and Baby Boomers combined. This will be especially prevalent in Texas markets where millennials make up on average, 25% of the population.Read More

OK Boomer; Millennials At Their Best

“OK BOOMER” = WORD OF THE YEAR As an official baby boomer (born in 1962), I love to make fun of millennials, oblivious, of course, to how much they make […]Read More

“Silver Tsunami” and “Golden Age” of Real Estate Coming Soon!

In October, I wrote a blog titled The Biggest Housing Boom In History Has Just Begun. I pointed out how a massive surge of millennials, hitting peak homebuying age, will […]Read More

“Biggest Housing Boom In History Has Just Begun”

The above subject line is the title of this Forbes.com article. The author focuses on the supply of houses, shifting demographics and massive pent up demand. From the 1950s through […]Read More

“Biggest Housing Boom In History Has Just Begun” SFR Rentals = Future

The above subject line is the title of this Forbes.com article. The author focuses on the supply of houses, shifting demographics and massive pent up demand. From the 1950s through […]Read More

Retaining Talented Team Members/Assistants; Profit Sharing & Culture

We constantly see loan officers and realtors build and train highly talented teams only to see them leave as soon as they hit their peak. In contrast, we have many […]Read More