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Friends Don’t Let Friends “Time the Market”

We had a borrower who did not want to lock his loan last week because he was convinced interest rates would fall further. But, instead of falling, rates actually rose almost 1/2% over the ensuing week. So – this is my reminder to borrowers to never try to time the market with respect to interest rates, as we see our clients get burned time and again.Read More

Fresno’s Housing Market in 2024: A Hub of Opportunities

As we navigate through 2024, Fresno's housing market stands out as a uniquely competitive yet surprisingly affordable arena in the vibrant landscape of California's real estate. But what makes Fresno so distinct in a state known for its soaring property values?Read More

A Guide to the 2024 Arizona Housing Market

Welcome to our in-depth look at the 2024 housing market, focusing particularly on Phoenix, Arizona's vibrant real estate scene. As we bid adieu to the rollercoaster ride of 2023, we want to take a look at the upcoming real estate market. The unique landscape of real estate in Arizona, particularly in areas like Phoenix, has always been appealing for both local and out-of-state investors.Read More

What’s Ahead? U.S. Housing Market Predictions for 2024

The real estate housing market has always been a focal point of discussion, especially as we transition from the unpredictable waves of 2023 to the looming horizon of 2024. Despite a dramatic increase in interest rates, the past year has seen a dramatic escalation in home prices in most markets, spurred by a significant demand-supply imbalance. Read More

3 Events That Will Crash Home Prices! 1 Factor Keeping Home Prices High

This is what has shocked housing market analysts worldwide: Despite the fastest rise in interest rates in history, home prices in the U.S. have remained amazingly resilient. And the one factor that is keeping home prices high is of course: TIGHT INVENTORY! The housing doomsayers don’t seem to understand what is keeping inventory so tight and why it matters so much.Read More

Panic Over Price Reductions Is Unwarranted

“If the housing market is so strong, why are we seeing so many price reductions?”  That was a question I received last week. And the answer is… we always see price reductions.   Read More

Goldman Sachs: “Only 15% Chance of Recession in 2024” WHY???

Gammon shreds all of Goldman’s assertions in his video, reminding us that Goldman completely missed the 2008 financial crisis with its previous predictions, as well as the inflation runup we just went through and much of the fallout from the COVID crisis.Read More

Will Housing Prices Drop In 2024?

RFK says that 3 giant corporations (BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street) will own 60% of America’s single-family homes by 2030, if they continue their buying trajectory. So, that huge amount of demand would be bullish for housing prices – despite the repercussions. BUT – the housing bears have been claiming for months that these same firms are going to start dumping all of their inventory, and thus crash the market. So – which is it? Excess demand from all the buying, or excess supply from all the selling? This is just a reminder that nobody actually has a clue what will happen over the long term – or even in 2024. I am, however, going to briefly set out the bullish and bearish arguments – and explain why I remain bullish.Read More

CA’s Dream Program (100% Financing) Returns – Worse Than Ever Too! Housing Market Heats Up Even More

Feeding Starving Crocodiles! I once walked up to a cage full of starving crocodiles (there were at least 20 of them), and I tossed in a hamburger patty. Needless to […]Read More

17 Huge Reasons for Optimism; Inflation Here to Stay; Rates Won’t Fall! Boy, Was I WRONG!

I have been blogging over and over about the likelihood of a disinflation, deflation and/or a bad recession for over a year now.  My blogs are based on the opinions […]Read More

A Debt Ceiling Default Will CRUSH Housing, Mortgages, and … the Entire World Economy!

The dreaded debt ceiling crisis has been in the news now for a few months, and it is scaring the heck out of everyone for a very good reason. If the debt ceiling is not raised by early June, home sales will come to a standstill, mortgage rates will shoot through the roof, and the economy will pretty much collapse.Read More

Why Did Rates Shoot UP 1/2% Recently?

Buyers Immediately Leave Market When Rates Move Higher One of the most surprising aspects of the rate increases we have been watching over the past year is how quickly buyers […]Read More

Putting the “Median Home Price” Nonsense to Bed – Once and For All

Earlier this week, the “Existing Home Sales” report was released for February, and it showed that the median home price in the U.S. had dropped by a whopping 0.2% from February of 2022. The media pounced on this with headlines that screamed: “Home Prices Go Negative!” But… alas, they didn’t.Read More

Market Shockingly Hot; Fast Closes Are A Thing Again; Out Of State Lender Horror Story

Horror Story of the Month A buyer came to us recently after making offers for over two months and losing out on every one. He was using an out-of-state lender […]Read More