why interest rates matter so much more now GOV’T SHUTDOWN UPDATE

The IRS has agreed to process tax transcripts (tax return verifications). This is good news, as this could have held up the funding of numerous loans.


My wife Heejin recently visited a Realtor who had been using the same loan officer for ten years.

The Realtor liked and respected the loan officer immensely, but she was forced to stop using him b/c her clients were complaining about his high rates far too often.

Interest rates matter now more than ever for two reasons:

  1. Ubiquitous internet access allows tech-savvy borrowers to go online and compare rates more easily than ever; and
  2. loan amounts have been climbing along with home prices over the years, so higher rates affect payments a lot more than they used to.

So, if your clients are in Bucktussle, Arkansas with no internet access and homes priced under $100,000, you probably don’t need to worry about rates.

But – if you’re part of the rest of the world, you most definitely should – as long as your lender can perform of course.

Rates matter, and the lender to whom you refer buyers is a reflection on you.

We learned this lesson all too well from feedback from agents early last year, and it is why we worked so hard to be able to offer much lower rates now.

You can see our rates here.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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