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Why Rates Matter So Much Now

GOV’T SHUTDOWN UPDATE The IRS has agreed to process tax transcripts (tax return verifications). This is good news, as this could have held up the funding of numerous loans. REALTOR DROPS LOAN OFFICER B/C HIS RATES WERE TOO HIGH My wife Heejin recently visited a Realtor who had been using the same loan officer for […]Read More

When We Do/Don’t “Take” Loans From Other Lenders; 1/4 Percent Rule

We constantly get contacted by borrowers who are already working with or approved by other lenders. Sometimes borrowers come to us before they get their offers accepted, at their Realtor’s urging, b/c they need our speed and reputation to make their offers competitive. Borrowers also come to us b/c their current lender misled them, or […]Read More