close up of Seth Godin wearing a green shirt and yellow glasses, a popular author and podcaster with young people One of the many benefits we’ve received from our coaching network was an emphatic recommendation to subscribe to Seth Godin’s Blog.

    We were reluctant b/c we get so many emails and info pieces already. But upon our friend’s urging, we did subscribe and we love it b/c they are always excellent and very short.

    So now I am emphatically urging all of our readers to subscribe to Seth’s wonderful blog.

    Here are a few of our favorites:

    First, De-escalate

    This is excellent advice for dealing with irate customers.

    This is especially great for young people new to business, with lessons I personally took far too long to learn.

    1. Be nice up front – no long hold-times, comfortable chair, nice receptionist, etc.
    2. Don’t deny the client has a problem.
    3. Leave the legal arguments home.
    4. Empathize with frustration.

    “I’m Not Selling Anything”

    This is a wonderful short reminder that everyone who is trying to improve things, change things, fix things, help things is selling.

    Many young professionals abhor the thought of being in sales, but we are all in sales in some manner no matter what.

    Selling doesn’t mean pushing people to do things they don’t want to do. It often just means helping.

    Empathy Doesn’t Mean Doormat

    This is another great lesson for young people new to business.

    We bend over backwards for clients, but there is a time to say “no.”

    Photo courtesy of: Emma Gannon.

    Jay Voorhees
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