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Is Everything in America Bullsh*t? The J.Crew Story

I took my Korean niece to the Fort Worth stockyards and was absolutely amazed! The stockyards themselves are a fascinating piece of American history. Established in 1849, they became a […]Read More

A Tale Of Two Businesses; One Rising and One DYING!

I had experiences recently at two different businesses that were so contrasting and so fascinating that I had to blog about them. And yes – this much applies to mortgages […]Read More

Jumbo Mortgages – Why Are They So Much Less Profitable?

We are great at funding jumbo loans – which is a blessing and a curse. “Jumbo loans” are any loans that exceed conforming (Fannie/Freddie) loan limits for a given area. […]Read More

Whoever Has The Most Friends Wins; A Reminder That Hard Work Alone Doesn’t Cut It

NYU Professor, Scott Galloway, who I quote often b/c of his exceptional success in business, tweeted this: “People think of it as strong alpha males who deserve to win. That’s […]Read More

Please Share Our Content; How Fast Will The Economy Recover?

We love it when readers share our content – so please feel free to continue doing so. We only ask for a credit and a “linkback” to our website whenever […]Read More

Salesperson/Deal Maker vs. Manager; Lesson from Disney’s CEO

I recently read the autobiography of Disney CEO, Robert Iger, and I of course loved it. Iger started out at ABC television in 1974 and quite literally clawed his way […]Read More

Tenacity & Focus vs. Training, Seminars, Self-Help, Organizing, Inputting, & Fixing Your Business

Of all the agents we work with (over 800 and counting), one of the most successful, by far, is a buyer’s agent on a very successful team. She is successful […]Read More

Seth Godin’s Excellent Blog; Short, Sweet & Always Good

One of the many benefits we’ve received from our coaching network was an emphatic recommendation to subscribe to Seth Godin’s Blog. We were reluctant b/c we get so many emails […]Read More

Beware of Coaches… Could They Do It Now?

Several years ago, Heejin and I were in Las Vegas at a huge mortgage event listening to the usual array of celebrity speakers and industry experts. Several of the most […]Read More

Sears – How to Destroy a Business, Department Store and Name

This is a fascinating article from Business Insider about the demise of Sears. I highly recommend it b/c it is so interesting and b/c there are so many great lessons about how NOT to run […]Read More

Must Do Background Checks on Employees/Partners

I will never forget the day…when Heejin discovered that as much as $150,000 had been stolen from JVM Lending. Our bookkeeper at the time had difficulty explaining what happened to […]Read More