Coworkers working together happily because their company uses kindness as a business model. TURNING AROUND JVM

We did a lot of things in 2014 to turn around JVM that we discuss often in this blog.

But there is one thing we don’t often mention: Heejin and I became nicer.

I thought of this b/c a friend recently suggested that I subscribe to Seth Godin’s very short and excellent blog.

And this was Seth’s blog on Christmas Day:


Kindness Scales

It scales better than competitiveness, frustration, pettiness, regret, revenge, merit (whatever that means) or apathy.

Kindness ratchets up. It leads to more kindness. It can create trust and openness and truth and enthusiasm and patience and possibility.

Kindness, in one word, is a business model, an approach to strangers and a platform for growth.

It might take more effort than you were hoping it would, but it’s worth it.


I loved that blog b/c it was so true and so effective for us! It was very simple, but not easy by any means b/c we had to completely overhaul our personalities and refrain from our natural reactions. But we did, and everyone, including us, is much better for it.

I should add that “Kindness” does not mean: (1) Being a pushover; or (2) Avoiding Frank Feedback. It only means that everything should be done from a perspective of kindness.

I might also add that I have seen many businesses stagnate and even fail b/c the owners never figured out the effectiveness of kindness.

This is the simplest way to improve a business, and a great reminder this holiday season.

P.S. I strongly suggest subscribing to Seth Godin’s short and excellent blog.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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