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Why I’m the Least Attractive Person at JVM; Key to Happiness: Other People

Women hanging out together laughing with true happiness from engaging with real people.GREAT COLUMN ABOUT HAPPINESS
Scott Galloway (CEO of L2 Inc) recently tweeted this excellent column from the NY Times about the key to happiness, and I thought it was well worth sharing.

The column is titled “Happiness Is Other People” and can be found here.

The first interesting thing that really stood out was this: “The average American spends barely more than half an hour a day on social communication. Compare that to time per day spent watching television (three hours) or even “grooming” (one hour for women, and just over 44 minutes for men).”

That absolutely shocked me b/c I spend exactly 4 minutes every day going from shower to fully-dressed. I always thought I was the least attractive person at JVM b/c I was old and bald. I now realize that it is b/c I spend 1/10 as much time grooming :).

The more important, and less facetious, takeaway is this:

True happiness is not found in meditation, yoga, gratefulness, exercise, self-actualization, strength finding, stretching yourself, goal setting, etc.

According to the author, true happiness comes from engaging real people as much as possible. (Facebook doesn’t count, btw).

I see this in practice every day, as we have a delightfully happy staff and it is no coincidence that they are all amazingly social people too.

Anyway – if you want to be happier, skip yoga and call a friend or invite someone to lunch.

Happy Holidays from all of us at JVM.

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