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“Busy” Vs. Productive and Present; Busy Is Addiction

A friend of ours posted his extremely busy schedule on Facebook yesterday, and Heejin and I were struck by how many of the tasks could have been delegated, ignored or postponed. The gentleman is probably “addicted to busy” like far too many of us – especially those of us in sales or self-employment.

Dan Sullivan addresses this often with his coaching, as he always forces entrepreneurs to get out of the “busy trap.” Many people take pride in being “busy” without realizing how counter-productive and even destructive it can be.

It is truly an addiction for many people that prevents them from being present and that often spreads to those around them, as unnecessary tasks often end up getting delegated or transferred.

Counter-productivity and burn-out are not the only risks. When people cannot slow down and be present, they often miss opportunities that fall in their lap.

Mr. Sullivan’s primary solution is to limit your “to do” list to your three most important things every day. He also suggests slowing down in general, taking much more time off, and meditating daily. These are practiced disciplines that people need to force themselves to do once they realize that benefits will definitely accrue.

Slow down, take more time off and get much more done.

Here is Dan Sullivan’s 6 minute podcast: http://blog.strategiccoach.com/how-to-avoid-the-busyness-trap/

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