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Great Business Podcast: 10x Talk; Gratitude/Appreciation Essential

We love podcasts (via iTunes) and listen to and recommend many, but there is one business podcast that we especially love: “10x Talk” with Dan Sullivan.

It is called “10x Talk” b/c his focus is on changing your mind-set so your business will grow by “10x.”

Mr. Sullivan is a hard-nosed business coach who has been coaching since 1974. He will tell you to focus, to watch your numbers, to hire slowly, to fire quickly, to market relentlessly, etc.

His biggest point, however, is the necessity to clear your head, to change your mind-set, and to set up like-minded networks.

Successful people, he says time and again, must have an “Abundance Mentality” with constant gratitude and appreciation. This is a skill that must be practiced.

He also insists that people who are resentful, angry or envious must be removed from your company and/or networks. He is adamant about this.

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