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Scarcity Vs. Abundance Mindset; 10X Talk Podcast; Must Change Thinking

One of our favorite podcast episodes was recently re-posted on 10x Talk by Dan Sullivan. The podcast is titled “Scarcity vs. Abundance.”

Dan Sullivan is a famous and very hard-nosed business coach whose most consistent and emphatic advice for all business owners is to change the way you think. No business practices work in the long run unless they are accompanied by the right mind-set.

Business owners must have an “abundance” mind-set for long-term success. Most people in the world have a “scarcity” mind-set, and these people need to be avoided in general.

Abundance-minded people are creative and think in terms of exponential growth, resourcefulness, gratitude, cooperation and freedom.

Scarcity-minded people have a zero sum mentality (“more for you means less for me”), and think in terms of resentfulness, envy, guilt and unfairness.

We highly recommend the podcast; it is short, informative, educational, enjoyable, and beneficial. Here is the link: http://10xtalk.com/dan-sullivan-scarcity-vs-abundance/

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