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Wanna Get Rich? Get Bad Grades

Heejin and I attended a Strategic Coach event last week, and what I love most about these events is meeting so many successful entrepreneurs who closely follow Dan Sullivan’s teachings and get rich doing so. Most recently, however, there was one success story that really stood out. It involved a young man named Charles. I […]Read More

Four Habits That Guarantee Success; Hire People With Habits Ingrained

Dan Sullivan is our favorite business coach and podcaster b/c of his straight forward advice and hugely successful track record. We’ve been implementing his ideas for years and we highly recommend his very short and excellent podcasts. He often talks about the “four referability habits” that will virtually guarantee success. Everyone thinks they practice these […]Read More

Rates Up Again; Is Good News Bad News or Good News? (It’s Both); Historic Rates

“When the trough gets smaller, the pigs get meaner.”  This is a Dan Sullivan quote Heejin and I both love, and it is a great reminder for us all when markets contract. We’re not getting “meaner” at JVM, but we’re certainly getting more competitive. And we love the competition. Rates shot up again today in […]Read More

Real Estate = Relationships; Most Fail At Basic Steps

Heejin used to have a manager at her office who was exceptionally fit, athletic, handsome, energetic, interesting and charismatic. But, he could never maintain success in his endeavors b/c he could not establish strong relationships at any level (with clients, employees, vendors, etc.). His two biggest mistakes: 1. He never said “please or thank you;” […]Read More

“Busy” Vs. Productive and Present; Busy Is Addiction

A friend of ours posted his extremely busy schedule on Facebook yesterday, and Heejin and I were struck by how many of the tasks could have been delegated, ignored or postponed. The gentleman is probably “addicted to busy” like far too many of us – especially those of us in sales or self-employment. Dan Sullivan […]Read More

Scarcity Vs. Abundance Mindset; 10X Talk Podcast; Must Change Thinking

One of our favorite podcast episodes was recently re-posted on 10x Talk by Dan Sullivan. The podcast is titled “Scarcity vs. Abundance.” Dan Sullivan is a famous and very hard-nosed business coach whose most consistent and emphatic advice for all business owners is to change the way you think. No business practices work in the […]Read More

Great Business Podcast: 10x Talk; Gratitude/Appreciation Essential

We love podcasts (via iTunes) and listen to and recommend many, but there is one business podcast that we especially love: “10x Talk” with Dan Sullivan. It is called “10x Talk” b/c his focus is on changing your mind-set so your business will grow by “10x.” Mr. Sullivan is a hard-nosed business coach who has […]Read More