glass-window-building-sky In the 1870s, department stores Macy’s and Wanamaker’s completely transformed retail and soared to heights unseen by any retailer up to that time.

    What did they do? They put price tags on their merchandise!

    Transparent Pricing In Mortgages

    Prior to price tags, consumers didn’t know the cost of any item until they brought it to the counter and haggled – a stressful and time-consuming process.

    Consumers loved the new, upfront transparency and the knowledge that everyone paid the same price.

    140 years later, the mortgage industry is still in haggling mode. Pricing is neither transparent nor uniform.

    Most mortgage banks can’t post their rates! This is because all of their loan officers offer different rates, depending on their individual compensation structures.

    In addition, many mortgage banks simply don’t want to post their rates because they are too high, and will scare borrowers away at the outset.

    Mortgage banks hope to build relationships with borrowers first and then disclose their high rates once the borrowers are heavily invested in the process.

    But the internet is, of course, making this impracticable, as more and more lenders are disclosing rates online, making it all too easy for borrowers to shop.**

    Internet era consumers across all industries demand transparency. They want to know the cost upfront. Retailers who offer transparency garner more trust from the start and win more business.

    JVM Lending’s Fully Transparent Rates

    This is why, starting today, we are now one of the few full-service mortgage banks that will post all of our rates on our website upfront.

    You can view our real-time rates at

    Will our rates be the lowest on the market? Heck no. The lowest rate guys invariably have the worst service and the worst reviews.

    We want to remain the best “full-service” mortgage company there is, AND offer low rates.

    Will our rates be lower than almost every other mortgage bank’s? Heck yeah!! (And we’ll be full-service and backed by 500+ five-star reviews to boot!)

    **Final note: We want to again remind borrowers that there is far more to a mortgage than just rates, but we’re ready to compete on every level!

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