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What Strategies Get Offers Accepted? Cash, or SAME as Cash

man holding cash bills because his offer was accepted“I KNOW JVM; THEY’RE AS GOOD AS CASH”

That is an exact quote from a listing agent to a buyer’s agent, after the listing agent saw our pre-approval letter. It is something we hear often, and it is something we tout often in our marketing.


Redfin evaluated thousands of offers in order to compare which strategies worked the best for getting offers accepted. The results are set out in the table below, and the full article can be found here.

Cash is obviously king, but most buyers don’t have “all cash,” as everyone knows.

Hence, buyers should make sure that their lender is “as good as cash.”

What Makes a Lender as Good as Cash:

1. 15 Day Closes (or faster if necessary)
2. 5 Day Appraisals from local appraisers
3. Pre-underwritten pre-approvals
4. Very short or no loan contingency
5. Stellar reputation backed by stellar testimonials
6. Willingness to call listing agents to explain the above in no uncertain terms.

Effectiveness of Strategies –  Summary of Redfin Data

Rank Strategy Improves a Competitive Offer’s Likelihood of Success by… Improves a Competitive Offer’s Likelihood of Success in the Luxury Market (Top 10% by List Price) by…
#1 All-Cash Offer 97% 438%
#2 Waived Financing Contingency 58% 76%
#3 Personal Cover Letter 52% No Significant Gain
#4 Pre-Inspection No Significant Gain No Significant Gain
#5 Waived Inspection Contingency No Significant Gain No Significant Gain

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