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What Makes the Commoditization Of Mortgages Terrifying? Why Consumers Think Mortgages Are Like Corn, Oil, Soybeans & Copper; Why It Matters

The perceived commoditization of mortgages terrifies mortgage lenders for several reasons: low margins, high-cost structures, the necessity of high-touch service, just to name a few, so what's a lender to do? Step one, stop whining! It's our job to continue to cut costs while still providing stellar service and educating agents and buyers alike that mortgages are not commodities.Read More

For Better or Worse; When Better’s Not Better (It’s All About Training)

My wife Heejin loves to tell people that she and I would have never been hired by our own company because we don’t come close to meeting the hiring standards. […]Read More

How To Choose the Best Mortgage Company

Working with an experienced mortgage lender can be beneficial to you in several ways. But how can you determine which of the countless mortgage companies near you is the best? As you start your research to choose a mortgage lender, the first thing you'll want to identify is what type of property you want. Mortgage companies often specialize in specific loans for different kinds of properties.Read More

JVM Is A “Direct Lender” – Does It Matter?

A few weeks ago, we had an appraisal come in under contract price for the usual reason – the total absence of bracketing comparable sales in a very hot market. […]Read More

How To Find The Right Mortgage Lender For You

Many prospective homebuyers are concerned about how to find the right mortgage lender for their financial home loan. Working with a reliable and respectable lender is the top priority for many homebuyers. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends that a potential mortgage borrower talks with at least three different lenders while shopping for a mortgage. Not all mortgage lenders are created equal - when comparing one lender to another, there are crucial differences in rates, costs, and service.Read More

5 Reasons To Use A Local Bay Area Mortgage Company

Are you interested in applying for a mortgage in the Bay Area? If so, where are you planning on getting the loan you need? Nowadays, homebuyers have lots of available options for home loans. There are many advantages to using a local mortgage company instead of a national lender.Read More

Local Texas Mortgage Lenders Are Better!

The Wall Street Journal has previously featured an article stressing that buyers in a competitive market, like those in Texas, need a local mortgage lender with a stellar reputation, the ability to close quickly, great communication skills, and local appraisers.Read More

What Strategies Get Offers Accepted? Cash, or SAME as Cash

“I KNOW JVM; THEY’RE AS GOOD AS CASH” That is an exact quote from a listing agent to a buyer’s agent, after the listing agent saw our pre-approval letter. It […]Read More