Happy New Homeowners On Front Porch

    Yesterday, I listened to my wife Heejin talk a listing agent into accepting our client’s offer – even though there were four higher-priced offers (out of 13 in total).

    The seller accepted our offer because Heejin touted the strength of our pre-approval, our guarantee to close on time, and how awesome our client (an extraordinarily charming and accomplished human being) is.

    Today, on the National Real Estate Post, Carl White shared his ten tips for getting offers accepted, and calling listing agents like Heejin did is just one of his ten tips.

    8 Tips For Getting Offers Accepted

    Eight of the ten tips are set out below, and for attribution purposes – here is a link to Carl’s landing page as well (in case readers would like more info or a link to the source, as Carl coaches both agents and loan officers).

    Offer A Rent-Back

    Sellers can rent back a property after close of escrow for as long as 59 days in most cases. Giving sellers the option to rent back alleviates pressure to find a new home, making sellers more likely to accept an offer.

    Share Lender Reviews

    Carl suggests that agents share links to the lender’s reviews to further corroborate a lender’s ability to perform. Given that JVM has more five-star reviews than anyone, I love this idea!

    Close On-Time Guarantee

    If we don’t close on time, for reasons within our control, we will very happily pay $2,500 in whatever way we compliantly can.

    Fast Closes

    While our 14-day closings are currently on hold because of an appraiser shortage, we can close conforming purchases in 17 days still. And, we can close most jumbo loans in 21 days.

    Calling Listing Agent

    We love doing this because we know it works. See above 😊

    Buyer Love Letter

    We see strong letters from buyers work all the time too, and it clearly played a role in the offer Heejin called about yesterday as well.

    Pre-Approval Checklist

    Lenders should illuminate everything they have collected so far for their pre-approval to make it clear that the pre-approval is legitimate. This is something we of course do in all of our pre-approval letters.

    Condo Experts

    If the offer is on a condo, lenders should illuminate their condo expertise. We are in fact condo experts with our own condo department. Here is a good blog (if I do say so myself) in regard to Condo Considerations.


    Carl had two more tips but readers will have to visit Carl’s page or the National Real Estate Post for the remaining two.

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