Realtor Tech Expo Feb 3 2020

I have attended hundreds of symposiums, talks, seminars, expos and events of every sort over the last 30 years – giving me more than enough exposure to learn what types of events are the most interesting and rewarding.

The events I like the most are: (1) short overall (a few hours at most); (2) comprised of short talks (under 15 minutes) by knowledgeable and skilled speakers; and (3) chock full of clear, simple and easily implemented “take-aways.”

I also love insights from currently successful industry insiders who are successfully using (present tense) the services or features discussed at the event.

Hence, I always keep this in mind whenever JVM is sponsoring or hosting an event – and our upcoming Realtor TECH EXPO on Monday, Feb 3rd is no exception. 

We are cohosting the event with six of our most popular tech partners and – to be clear – we get nothing from them. 

We team up with these partners b/c we know they offer very simple and easily implemented solutions that always help agents grow their businesses. 

Further, our tech partners are willing to offer substantial discounts to every agent that signs up for any of the solutions at the event.   

And again, our only reason for offering this seminar and these discounted solutions is to help agents grow their businesses – b/c when our agents are busier, we are busier.


We will also have top producing KW agent, Renée White, in attendance to discuss how ALL of these solutions help her to remain one of the top producing agents in the entire KW organization (of over 180,000 agents!).


The Tech Partners who will be in attendance and speaking include:

  1. Breakthrough Broker.  This is a 100% free service that every agent should take advantage of b/c of the massive amount of content it provides.  Agents can set up profiles and share very impressive branded content with farms and databases with a click of the mouse.
  2. Back At You Media.  These guys manage ALL of your social media posting for you with a very easy “set it and forget it” system.  It is amazingly inexpensive and it also integrates with MLS.
  3.  CINC. This is the premier CRM, Lead Gen, Lead Nurturing, Website, Marketing, Advertising, Landing Page, Sales Management and you-name-it-else system in the entire industry.  Our VP of Sales and Marketing (Jonathan McGowan) has seen dozens if not hundreds of similar CRM/Sales solutions over the years and he has become comically cynical when it comes to their many claims.  CINC, however, is the exception, as he is stunned and amazed by how powerful it is.  We have seen numerous agents explode their volume after implementing CINC.  CINC has multiple options too and is not just for mega-teams.
  4.  Title Toolbox. This is another free service that offers the best data available for clients, properties, farms and everything else real-estate-related.
  5. Revaluate.  This is the predictive analytics company we now work with b/c our previous partner was purchased by a major brokerage – proof of how important predictive analytics is!  Revaluate focuses on “life events” and allows agents to know who in their database or farm is most likely to move or sell three to six months before they actually pull the trigger. We think this is a necessity for every agent so they can contact their clients before any of the monstrous lead-gen companies do.
  6.  HomebotHomebot offers one of the most effective ways to stay in front of your past clients.  It emails updated property value, market, interest rate and amortization info to your past clients every month with your brand connected to the emails.  The open-rates are sky-high and clients love the service.  Better yet, the service is dirt-cheap and even cheaper for agents working with JVM.

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Realtor tech expo flyer

NOTE TO OUR TEXAS AGENTS:  We will be hosting this same seminar in Texas as well – stay tuned.


Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
(855) 855-4491 | DRE# 01524255, NMLS# 335646

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