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Hire An Assistant, So You Can Do What Pays & What You Love To Do

We work with numerous very busy Realtors right now. Some have assistants and most do not, unfortunately. Many Realtors without assistants are pulling their hair out right now with admin tasks, client follow-ups, inspections, vendor-conversations, and new leads (often ignored).

In contrast, the Realtors we know with assistants are far more relaxed. They are able to focus on what they like to do, on what they do best, and on what brings in more business (as opposed to getting bogged down in admin tasks).

People are often afraid to hire assistants b/c they do not want the fixed overhead. They also do not want to worry about training them and keeping them busy.

Most business coaches will tell you this is short-sighted; hiring an assistant will pay for itself many times over once you bite the bullet and do it.

We suggest writing down everything you do – likes, dislikes and what makes you money. We also suggest hiring somebody ASAP via Craigslist or your sphere. If you are too busy to hire somebody now, you cannot afford not to hire somebody. This is something that takes practice, and it is best to start sooner rather than later.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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