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Tutorials = Path to Freedom & Lifeblood of Business

Tutorials = Path to Freedom & Lifeblood of Business Heejin was at a Strategic Coach event in Toronto last week among a large number of extremely successful entrepreneurs. She was amazed to see how many of them were glued to their phones and very stressed out, despite their seven figure incomes and high net worths.

What all of them lacked was a trained support staff who could cover for them at all times; they were all forced to constantly monitor their businesses.

What all of them also lacked were tutorials and training modules.

We felt for all of those entrepreneurs b/c we used to be in their same boat until we started banging out detailed tutorials … for pretty much every aspect of our business.

We have tutorials for – pre-approvals, new contract procedures, new referral procedures, file setups, loan processing, business development, rate surveys, pricing loans, locking loans, daily comments editing and distribution, hiring procedures, interview procedures, new employee set-ups and orientations, mortgage training, CRM input, Friday Realtor updates, production and cash flow reports, appraisal ordering, appraisal management, monthly pre-approved borrower updates, Tahoe trips, finance flyers, home-buyer seminars, mortgage 101 seminars, happy hours, flip cup games, dart gun wars, answering phones, monitoring and buying office snacks, watering the plants, etc.

Most business owners train by explaining things and then walking away and hoping everything gets done properly. It never works: (1) trainers cannot remember everything there is to say; (2) trainees cannot begin to retain all those verbal instructions; and (3) the instructions have to be repeated over and over with every new hire.

Businesses need tutorials to function, and owners need tutorials to free themselves from constant monitoring.

Jay Voorhees
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