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When Technology Fails…Somebody Actually Has To Think

It took me two and half hours to take an Uber from Manhattan to JFK airport last week. The reason? My Uber driver had moved to NYC four days earlier and he relied entirely on his Waze app to navigate. And Waze does NOT work in Manhattan (too much traffic and too much data, and […]Read More

Tutorials = Path to Freedom & Lifeblood of Business

Heejin was at a Strategic Coach event in Toronto last week among a large number of extremely successful entrepreneurs. She was amazed to see how many of them were glued to their phones and very stressed out, despite their seven figure incomes and high net worths. What all of them lacked was a trained support […]Read More

JVM Offers “Mortgage 101” Training for Assistants and New Agents

JVM Lending offers an excellent “Mortgage 101” Training for both new assistants and agents in the real estate industry. We have a refined presentation that covers all essentials, including Credit, Income, Employment, and Down Payment Requirements. We also explain the difference between Conventional, Jumbo and Gov’t (FHA, VA) financing. And most importantly, we go over […]Read More

Extreme Hard Work & Discipline? Over-rated; Over-Training

The WSJ recently reviewed a book by the coach of Michael Phelps (famous Olympic Swimmer). The book talked about his extraordinary training regimen (50 miles of swimming per week, etc.). http://www.wsj.com/articles/how-to-win-like-michael-phelps-1466635351 This works great if you are a 20-year-old young man comprised mostly of testosterone. But for most, it is a recipe for pure burnout. […]Read More

Hire An Assistant, So You Can Do What Pays & What You Love To Do

We work with numerous very busy Realtors right now. Some have assistants and most do not, unfortunately. Many Realtors without assistants are pulling their hair out right now with admin tasks, client follow-ups, inspections, vendor-conversations, and new leads (often ignored). In contrast, the Realtors we know with assistants are far more relaxed. They are able […]Read More

Hire “Brains and Character” Over Experience; Avoid “Crisis Hiring”

We have discovered over much trial and error that it is almost always better to hire “brains and character” over experience. By using a strong screening process and our training program, we figured out how to find associates who can use their aptitude and discipline to quickly pass up (in a matter of months) even […]Read More