Great Housing Migration; Credit Repair More Necessary Than Ever Chris Drayer, the founder of the Predictive Analytics company (Revaluate) we often recommend, wrote a great blog a few weeks ago called The Great Housing Migration.

    His point: People will likely be moving to the suburbs in droves once again – for many reasons.

    1. They can work remotely. COVID-19 has shown us all that working remotely can work – and work well.
    2. Safety. Many homeowners look to the suburbs for safer living conditions, with respect to both crime and disease concerns. The recent protests are only exacerbating those concerns.
      Note: This blog is overtly non-political and will always remain so. Hence, I am not implying that the protests are good or bad, but they will likely influence some decisions to relocate. Our deepest sympathies go out to anyone adversely impacted by the events leading up to the protests or by the protests themselves.
    3. Job losses. The massive numbers of job losses are forcing many people from more expensive urban locations to cheaper suburban locations.
    4. Demographics (baby boomlet coming). This is not something that Mr. Dayer mentioned but it is something I have addressed often. Millennials are just now hitting the age when they start to have kids, and families with kids often leave cities for the suburbs which can be more conducive to child-rearing.

    In any case, a general migration back to the suburbs seems very likely, and it is something we should all prepare for and apprise our clients of.


    B/c mortgage guidelines have again tightened up, particularly with respect to minimum credit scores – 640 for most FHA borrowers and 700 for our best jumbo investors – we are again recommending credit repair for borrowers with less than stellar scores.

    Another huge advantage of credit repair (over and above just qualifying for mortgages) is lower rates. Credit scores can easily affect interest rates by as much as 1%!

    The company we often recommend for credit repair is Scorewell.

    We have no affiliation with them at all, but they have done great work for many of our clients.

    Jay Voorhees
    Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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