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Attitude, Hustle, Congeniality, Diligence > Experience or IQ

Wells Fargo hired me out of law school and made a comically huge mistake, as I was a horrible employee. It is comical b/c it seems so obvious in hindsight. I had a stellar resume and I did really well on all the assessment tests, BUT I was not a team-player, I was constantly distracted, I disliked authority, and I was ornery. A few carefully crafted interview questions about the sports I played, my long-term relationships and other things would have illuminated this. But, Wells Fargo’s vast HR apparatus failed to figure this out until it was too late.

I bring this up b/c too many people try to hire “talent” alone, without assessing personality traits properly. I had every “talent” in the book but sucked as an employee.

Similarly, many people hire “experience” without assessing personality or talents.

We address this often, but we think the best employees are young, disciplined, congenial and diligent people with no experience. Such people can be trained surprisingly fast, and they end up as far better employees in the long run. In other words, hire your assistants and staff smart, happy and young, and don’t be afraid of having to train them.

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