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Hire An Assistant Please

A good friend of ours who runs a large mortgage bank recently wasted an afternoon doing all of his own travel arrangements. When Heejin found out, she told one of her assistants to make fun of him (for wasting so much time) before running out to meet with a valuable referral partner, and then coming home to cook.

The above (slightly exaggerated) story illustrates a point – Heejin uses her assistants to allow her to do much more of what she does best (meeting with referral partners) and what she wants (cooking, pilates, reading, etc.). She does not use assistants b/c she can afford to, but b/c she cannot afford not to.

We see far too many people (Realtors especially) who vastly under-value their time and who do not understand their highest and best use (it’s often selling instead of “admin”). One of our most often repeated pieces of advice is to bite the bullet and to hire and train a talented assistant solely for one’s self (not to share). People are reluctant to take on the overhead, but highly trained assistants will pay for themselves many times over.

The key is to hire smart people, to patiently train (it takes a while), and to not succumb to the temptation to just do things yourself (b/c it is faster/easier).

Jay Voorhees
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