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How To Hire Great People; Horror Story

How To Hire Great People; Horror StoryIt was June of 2011 when Heejin noticed one of our deposits was smaller than it was supposed to be. So Heejin dug a little deeper and found a bunch of accounting irregularities.

She then got very worried, continued to dig and discovered over $200,000 had been embezzled from our accounts.

Our officer manager was stealing us blind for two years, and we were clueless. It was our fault b/c we hired her out of desperation and we did not do a thorough background check.

Now – we always do thorough background checks and we never “panic hire” – no matter how much we need help.

There is an excellent new podcast called “Open For Business.” We highly recommend Episode #2 (How to Hire) for anyone who is hiring. We most definitely would have avoided our horror story if we had access to an excellent podcast like this.

Key Takeaways:

1. Set-up a hiring process to use for all candidates – with more than one interviewer if possible, a set of standard questions, background checks, etc.

2. Screen for attitude – by asking candidates about a time when they did not meet their goals. See if they blame themselves or others. You want the candidates who blame themselves.

3. Don’t hire people like yourself – so you get different skill-sets in your office.

4. Define your culture – are you workaholics or work-life balance people? Are you fun loving or serious?

5. Hire for potential, and not b/c of experience. This is JVM’s secret formula. We never hire for experience. We hire smart people and train them.

6. Don’t hire friends.

7. If you are growing, plan to spend up to 30% of your time hiring; you need to always be looking for good people (good hiring takes time).

8. Do thorough background checks no matter what (this one’s from me).

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