Eric Weinstein is a PhD in mathematical physics from Harvard, and a managing director at Thiel Capital. Eric is one of the smartest guys in Silicon Valley working for the smartest VC in Silicon Valley.

He was on Tim Ferriss’ podcast recently talking about Kung Fu Panda. He publicly cried at the end of the movie b/c he was so moved by its lessons.

One of the many lessons included the ability of an innovator to train a successor, and to recognize when the student has passed the teacher. His focus was on the highest levels of business and science, but the lesson applies to ALL businesses.

If business people don’t hire Kung Fu Pandas they can never grow or even be free.

Business owners have to find people who are smarter than they are, and not be afraid to hire them (egos get in the way). They then have to train them without over-training so the Kung Fu Pandas learn to learn on their own.

Business owners then must teach clients and partners that their Kung Fu Pandas are smarter than the business owners are, so clients and partners are comfortable (and even prefer) working with the pandas.

And equally important, business owners have to teach the Kung Fu Pandas to recognize how smart they are so they make decisions on their own.

Jay Voorhees
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