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You’re Invited To Our Homebuyer’s Seminar on April 12th. Save Your Seat!

You're Invited To Our Homebuyer's Seminar on April 12th. Save Your Seat! I’m going to guess you know someone just like Kim.

Kim was a nurse making good money and renting in Pleasant Hill. Kim was working with one of our Realtors for over a year but had been too apprehensive to pull the trigger and buy a home. And it seemed as though that was how things would stay until her Realtor sent her to our Homebuyer’s Seminar.

After attending our Homebuyer’s Seminar and learning about how much she’ll benefit from tax deductions; how buying is usually cheaper than renting over time; how much equity she can build over 20 years; how real estate is an awesome inflation hedge; and how locking in today’s low fixed rates is the opportunity of a lifetime – Kim decided to get pre-approved and buy a home (true story).

I’m sure you can think of a customer or two who need a little nudge off the fence, and we’d love to help you catch them when they do. At our Homebuyer’s Seminar we’ll walk through the process – just like we did for Kim – and help you get your Kim a head-start and the confidence boost she needs to make a move, and you’ll be right there to get the ball rolling.

So I’d like to personally invite you to reserve a seat for yourself (and a fence-sitter, or two!) at our next Homebuyer’s Seminar on April 12th. There are only 15 seats total, so don’t delay — reserve your seats today by clicking on the button below!

I’ll see you April 12th! Sign Up Here

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