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83% Of Homebuyers Believe It Is a Bad Time to Buy; What To Do?

* 83% of homebuyers in a recent University of Michigan survey believed it was a bad time to buy a home right now….. the lowest in 60 years! Has social […]Read More

Huge Opportunity From High Rates!

Grizzled Escrow Officer Sets Me Straight! While aimlessly wandering the hallways lamenting the industry slowdown, I ran into a very grizzled escrow officer who runs the title company next door. […]Read More

5 Reasons to Put Less Money Down

We often have borrowers who want to put as much down as humanly possible – to minimize their housing payment. But – we often talk them out of it for […]Read More

What Is A Conventional Loan?

Conventional loans are a favorite for homebuyers with decent credit scores and who have a fair amount of funds for a down payment. Conventional mortgages should not be confused with “Conforming Mortgages. Read More

How Millennials Power The Housing Market – 6 Conclusions

“Millennials Are Super Charging The Housing Market” This was a front page headline in the WSJ recently. The millennial surge is something we have all seen coming – but there […]Read More

3 Biggest Reasons To Buy Real Estate

The 3 biggest reasons to buy real estate now are: Increasing Rents: Rents are skyrocketing and will only continue to shoot up with inflation. Buying now allows homeowners to permanently […]Read More

2022 Conforming Loan Limits Announced – Up By $100,000; Good or Bad?

As we all learned on TikTok recently, the FHFA announced the new Conforming Loan Limits for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I mention TikTok because that is where one of […]Read More

Why Homebuyers Need To Use A Real Estate Agent

When Homebuyers Represent Themselves In Real Estate Transactions – Bad Things Happen 😊 Many years ago when I was new to the business, I wrote a purchase contract for one […]Read More

Study Shows First-Time Dallas Homebuyers Look for Financing First

In the Washington Post’s housing report, they found that 74% of homebuyers start their house hunt in areas like Dallas, Texas, by researching financing options and getting pre-approved with a local Dallas lender. For first-time homebuyers, that percentage increases to 85%.Read More

5 Tips For Buying A Foreclosure in California

Exploring the specifics of purchasing a foreclosure in California? Well, it's a different process compared to your regular real estate transactions. In the standard scenario, you'd be directly communicating with sellers and their agents, making offers, and finalizing the deal. However, when it comes to foreclosures, things take a slightly different turn. Read More

You’re Invited To Our Homebuyer’s Seminar on April 12th. Save Your Seat!

I’m going to guess you know someone just like Kim. Kim was a nurse making good money and renting in Pleasant Hill. Kim was working with one of our Realtors […]Read More