Make Data-Driven Investment Decisions In Seconds with JVM Lending and Olson Gough

    Arizona’s real estate market is dynamic, with ever-changing trends and fierce competition. For investors, whether seasoned professionals or newcomers, making the right decisions at the right time is the key to success. Whether your focus is on long-term rentals, high-end property flips, niche opportunities like Airbnb setups or sober living homes, or even if you’re a traditional homebuyer with specific needs, the tools you use can make or break your investment strategy.

    JVM Lending has partnered with Olson Gough, leveraging their revolutionary real estate investment software to offer our clients comprehensive investment and financing solutions.

    Olson Gough’s software can calculate a projected return on investment based on an investor’s unique income and cost assumptions.

    All of these calculations are completed within minutes of a property coming onto the market. If a property that meets your needs is listed, you’ll be the first to know about it within minutes of it becoming available, with the data to back up your investment.

    With this unique software developed by Olson Gough, leverage unparalleled data for informed investing, and gain the added advantage of JVM Lending’s experienced investment property lending services.

    Unlocking the Power of Olson Gough’s Software

    Think of Olson Gough as your personal assistant. Their software works around the clock to ensure you stay ahead in the Arizona real estate market. By integrating real-time MLS monitoring, advanced metrics, financial analysis, and rapid results, it identifies properties that align perfectly with your investment goals. But how does it really work?

      1. Real-Time MLS Monitoring
        Staying updated is crucial in real estate. The software proactively scans the MLS, seeking properties that fit your criteria. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a comprehensive database real estate professionals use to list and browse properties for sale. It provides detailed information about listings, ensuring realtors and potential buyers can access current and accurate property data. Whether it’s about the price, location, number of bedrooms, or specific features like a pool or solar panels, this software ensures you’re always in the loop.
      2. Incorporating Advanced Metrics
        Standard MLS criteria are just the tip of the iceberg. Olson Gough’s software delves deeper and looks at factors often overlooked by other listing services. Need a property within an IRS Qualified Opportunity Zone? Or one in a census tract with promising growth prospects? Perhaps you want to avoid properties near high-speed streets. Whatever your unique needs, this software has got you covered.
      3. Financial Analysis Tailored to You
        At its core, this program is all about numbers. It has you input your specific financial metrics and income/cost assumptions. It does all the heavy lifting from expected rental income, mortgage payments, property taxes, and other related expenses. Based on your inputs, it evaluates properties using metrics like Cap Rate, Cash Flow, ROI, and more to ensure you make financially sound decisions.
      4. Get Results, Fast!
        Time is money. And in the real estate world, every second counts. Within just 150 seconds of a property being listed on the MLS, the software analyzes and shortlists the best fits for you.
        Dedicated Realtor partners then manually review these properties to ensure accuracy and filter out any discrepancies after the software returns its results. You can choose to receive these manually vetted listings or get them directly from the software instead.

    For any specific questions about accessing Olson Gough’s software, readers are welcomed to reach out to Aaron Gough.

    Why This Software Is The Ultimate Tool For All Strategies

    Regardless of your investment strategy, this software is designed to be your most trusted ally. It automates the search process, incorporates in-depth metrics, and aligns properties with your financial goals to simplify your decision-making and increase your chances of success.


    • How does Olson Gough’s software differ from traditional methods of finding property? Their software offers a comprehensive analysis encompassing real-time MLS monitoring, advanced metrics specified by you the investor, and tailored financial analyses. Traditional services often overlook these intricate details, which could be crucial for investment decisions.
    • Is the software adaptable to changing investment strategies? Yes, this software is highly customizable, allowing you to modify your criteria as your investment strategy evolves. What it searches for and how it calculates investment return is specific to your needs and criteria as an investor.

    Importance of Data-Driven Decisions in Real Estate

    In the world of real estate, data is gold. Every decision, whether buying a single-family home for your family or investing in real estate, becomes more impactful when backed by data.

    Why Data Matters:

    • Risk Mitigation: Data provides insights into market trends, which helps investors forecast potential downturns or stagnations.
    • Maximized Returns: By analyzing the available information on neighborhood growth, amenities, and future developments, investors can choose properties that promise higher appreciation.
    • Informed Negotiations: Negotiations become fact-based and grounded when supported by detailed property history, previous sales, and market rates.

    In essence, data-driven decisions remove the guesswork from real estate. They offer clarity, ensure better financial outcomes, and instill confidence in both buyers and sellers.

    Financing Options for Real Estate Investors

    Having the right tools to identify a stellar investment property is just the beginning. Equally vital is understanding how to finance your acquisition. Fortunately for real estate investors, working with JVM Lending guarantees there are a range of financing options tailored to each investor’s unique needs:

    1. Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Loans: This type of loan focuses on the property’s cash flow rather than the borrower’s personal income. JVM will assess the DSCR, which is the monthly rent divided by the monthly loan payment. A ratio greater than 1 indicates the property generates sufficient income to cover its expenses, making it an attractive option for investors focusing on rental income properties.
    2. Bank Statement Loans: Traditional loans often require W-2s or tax returns, but what if you’re self-employed and have variable income? That is where Bank Statement Loans can help. Instead of traditional income documentation, JVM Lending can analyze deposits in your bank account to determine your eligibility and loan terms. These are an excellent option for investors with significant cash flows but varying income structures.
    3. Conventional Financing: The tried-and-true method for many investors, conventional loans are not backed by the government and typically require a 20% down payment. While they may have stricter credit requirements, they often come with competitive interest rates and can be used for primary residences, second homes, or rental properties.

    Remember, each financing option has pros and cons, and the best choice depends on your individual circumstances, investment goals, and financial profile. It’s always a good idea to consult with a financial advisor and an experienced investment lender, like JVM Lending, to determine the best route for your real estate ventures.

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    Where to Start: Understanding the Arizona Real Estate Landscape

    Arizona, often recognized for its deserts, cacti, and stunning sunsets, is also home to a vibrant and dynamic real estate market. The state presents numerous real estate opportunities, from the urban allure of Phoenix, with its rising skyscrapers and bustling nightlife, to the serene landscapes of Sedona, a haven for luxury retreats.

    Key Regions:

    • Phoenix Metro Area: Often termed the Valley of the Sun, this region is experiencing a surge in both residential and commercial properties. The influx of tech companies and startups has increased demand in both sectors.
    • Tucson: Known for its university-driven real estate demand, Tucson has seen a rise in rental properties catering to students and staff.
    • Flagstaff: A favorite among those seeking cooler climates and mountain vistas, Flagstaff’s real estate market is characterized by vacation homes and retreats.

    Current Trends:

    • There’s a noticeable shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly homes, driven by a more environmentally conscious clientele. This can mean premiums are paid for homes with solar and other green enhancements.
    • Gated communities with amenities are seeing a surge in popularity among families and retirees.
    • There’s a rising demand for properties with home offices, driven by the remote work culture.

    Challenges and Opportunities: The increasing demand in Arizona’s real estate brings challenges like rising property prices and competition. However, this also means there is robust demand in the rental market. With a diverse landscape, there are many opportunities to accommodate any rental strategy, from luxury condos to sprawling ranches and everything in between.


    Navigating Arizona’s competitive real estate market can be daunting, but with the right tools and partners, it can become a journey of informed, data-driven decisions thanks to Olson Gough and JVM Lending.

    JVM Lending is committed to empowering investors and traditional homebuyers alike. Ready to redefine your real estate investment approach? Let this software be the catalyst for your success. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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