Florida’s sun-kissed beaches and thriving tourism make it a prime location for unique real estate opportunities, especially condotels. Dive into the world of condotel financing in Florida and discover how this hybrid property can be both a dream vacation home and a savvy investment

    What is a Condotel?

    Have you ever wondered about the perfect blend of owning a vacation home and a hotel room? Enter the condotel – a hybrid property type that combines the ownership of a condominium with hotel-like amenities, and adds in easy options for renting out your unit. Essentially, it’s like having your own suite in a hotel that offers the best of both worlds: the luxury of a personal space and the potential for real estate investment.

    Why are Condotels for Sale in Florida So Popular?

    Florida, with its sunny beaches and vibrant culture, has always been a hotspot for real estate investment. But why are condotels in Florida gaining so much traction?

    Condotels for sale in Florida offer the perfect blend of a vacation home and an investment property. Imagine owning a beachfront condotel where you can enjoy the waves in the morning and rent it out to hotel guests in the evening. Plus, with amenities like a fitness center, front desk service, and room service, it’s no wonder condotels for sale in Florida are on the rise.

    Florida Condotel Financing: How Does It Work?

    This is where JVM Lending comes into play. As experts in condotel financing in Florida, we understand the nuances of this unique real estate market and its investment opportunities. Whether you’re eyeing a luxury condotel or a cozy beachfront unit, our condotel loans are tailored to meet your needs.

    Program Details for Condotel Financing

    • Minimum Credit Score: 575
    • Minimum Down Payment: 30%
    • Loan Amount Range: From $100k up to $4 million
    • Documentation: Qualify with either a traditional full doc loan or a limited document bank statement-only loan.
    • Title Options: Hold Title as an individual, in a trust, or an LLC.

    Where Can I Find Condotels for Sale in Florida?

    Florida is brimming with condotel opportunities. JVM Lending has a deep understanding of the Florida condotel market and can guide you to the best options available, ensuring your investment aligns with your goals.

    A local Realtor can pull you a list of the condotels in their market area. Zillow can be helpful as well – under keywords type “hotel condo” when searching in a particular area.

    JVM Lending can refer you to an experienced condotel and investment-focused Realtor in Florida – reach out to us for a referral here.

    Are Condotels a Good Investment?

    Condotels can be a lucrative investment, especially in a state like Florida where the tourism industry thrives. The real estate market is ever-evolving, and while single-family homes have their charm, condotels offer a unique blend of personal use and investment properties. With the option of rental pooling and the flexibility to operate as a hotel, the occupancy rate for these units can be quite high.

    However, like all real estate investments, there are pros and cons. It’s essential to understand the real estate market, occupancy rate, and other factors before making a decision. With the right strategy and location, condotels can be a lucrative addition to your real estate portfolio.

    Pros and Cons of Owning a Condotel

    Like all real estate investments, condotels come with their set of pros and cons:


    • Dual Purpose: Use it as a vacation home or rent it out.
    • Amenities: Enjoy facilities like a fitness center, room service, and a front desk.
    • Potential Income: With the option to rent out your unit to hotel guests, there’s potential for steady income.


    • Occupancy Rate: Depending on location and season, there might be fluctuations in occupancy.
    • Maintenance Fees: Condotels might have higher maintenance fees than traditional condos.

    Is a Condotel Right for You?

    Condotels offer a unique blend of personal enjoyment and investment opportunity. With the expertise and guidance of JVM Lending, you can confidently navigate the intricacies of the Florida condotel market and secure the best financing options tailored to your needs.

    Ready to take the next step in your condotel journey? Let us help you turn your Florida condotel dreams into reality.

    Contact JVM Lending today at (855) 855-4491 or [email protected], or get started your condotel loan application here.

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