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Financing A Property For Your College Kid – Owner Occupied? Tips & Pitfalls

I have seen investors make hundreds of thousands of dollars buying properties for their college-age kids to both live in and rent out to roommates. Many of them have been so successful in fact that I now think that every agent with clients with college-age kids should aggressively push this strategy.Read More

DSCR Loans in Idaho: An Investors Guide

Ready to get started in Idaho's real estate investment arena? Investing in real estate requires a keen understanding of specialized financial tools like DSCR loans, particularly given the unique opportunities within the Idaho's burgeoning property market.Read More

DSCR Loans in Massachusetts: An Investors Guide

Diving into Massachusetts' real estate investment scene? It's essential to get the lowdown on DSCR loans to make the most of opportunities in the Bay State's property market. Whether you're a seasoned investor with a sizeable portfolio or taking your initial steps in the investment field, understanding DSCR loans can be a game-changer.Read More

The Tennessee Real Estate Investor’s Guide to DSCR Loans

Allow us to guide you through the real estate nuances in Tennessee's prime locales, ensuring your DSCR loan aligns perfectly with your financial goals.Read More

Investing In Texas Real Estate With DSCR Loans

Whether you are considering investing in the tech-driven city of Austin or the cultural hub of Dallas, JVM Lending is here to assist you with your DSCR loan in Texas. Our expertise in the Texas real estate market, combined with our deep understanding of debt service coverage ratio loans, enables us to provide tailored solutions to meet your investment goals in these popular locations.Read More

Revolutionizing Arizona Real Estate Investments

JVM Lending has partnered with Olson Gough, leveraging their revolutionary real estate investment software to offer our clients comprehensive investment and financing solutions. Navigating Arizona's competitive real estate market can be daunting, but with the right tools and partners, it can become a journey of informed, data-driven decisions thanks to Olson Gough's and JVM Lending's expertise.Read More

How To Boost Your Rental Revenue with PadSplit

PadSplit is a housing platform that offers affordable room rentals by the week, making it an attractive choice for individuals on a budget. Unlike Airbnb, PadSplit focuses on long-term affordability and fosters a community-centric living environment. This platform is gaining traction in various cities in Florida, Georgia, and Texas, including Houston, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas Fort Worth, Jacksonville, and more.Read More

Investing in Rental Properties in Arizona

Whether you're considering your first investment or looking to expand your real estate investment portfolio, this comprehensive guide is tailored to those interested in the Arizona rental property market.Read More

Florida Condotel Financing: Your Ultimate Guide

Florida's sun-kissed beaches and thriving tourism make it a prime location for unique real estate opportunities, especially condotels. Dive into the world of condotel financing in Florida and discover how this hybrid property can be both a dream vacation home and a savvy investmentRead More

Dallas vs Austin Real Estate: A Comprehensive Market Analysis

Whether you are an investor considering your next real estate move or a prospective home buyer deciding on the best city to live in, understanding the subtleties of local real estate markets is crucial. Dallas and Austin, two of Texas's largest cities, offer unique opportunities and challenges to real estate investors and homebuyers. In this article, we will delve into an in-depth market analysis of Dallas and Austin, and discuss the factors that impact real estate investment in these cities.Read More

How To Buy A Duplex With A Mortgage

Are you considering investing in a duplex? This unique housing option offers an array of benefits, from potential rental income to the opportunity for multi-generational living. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the process of buying a duplex with a mortgage, providing valuable insights and answering commonly asked questions along the way.Read More