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    What Amazed Me!

    We work with and/or know numerous “mega” producing agents who do well in all environments and who never seem to be that concerned about slowdowns like we are seeing now.

    But, what amazes me about those super successful “megas” is how they never turn down their marketing machines no matter how busy they get – and it is something to behold.

    And – when I say “machine,” I do mean machine.

    Those agents sponsor huge neighborhood events; market digitally non-stop; continuously ramp up their SEO; make sure their digital footprints are pristine; farm relentlessly; hire door-knockers; employ dialers; continuously network, and also pound their databases with emails, texts, and mailers.

    Their operations can often get chaotic and even over-extended, but they just keep going full speed and fixing things on the fly.

    Many “megas” are as much marketers as they are real estate agents.

    What also amazed me is how much overhead and effort goes into the marketing, and how those agents just fearlessly kept turning it up and adjusting to volume in ways that we never could in the mortgage business (because it takes us so much longer to train people primarily).

    Building A Marketing Machine

    I bring this up because my wife Heejin has been meeting with multiple agents over the last few weeks and it is fascinating to see how much better the mega-marketers are doing now relative to a lot of other agents, who certainly have done well, but who did not build marketing machines.

    Many of the latter are just now trying to ramp up their marketing – in response to a much slower market – and, while it is never too late, they would be in a far better position if they had marketed like crazy during the good times and had their “machines” fully in place now.

    ANYWAY – this is just a reminder (to all of us, including me) to build a relentless marketing machine during the good times and to keep it turned up to the proverbial “11” no matter what – because we will need it the most during the bad times.

    I know I personally am going to heed that advice because I am truly amazed by the both the fearlessness of those agents and by the results they have achieved.

    Jay Voorhees
    Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
    (855) 855-4491 | DRE# 1197176, NMLS# 310167

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