I Was Wrong About Coaches; Belichick Wins! Consistency A few weeks ago I blogged about how effective Coach Swinney’s looser and friendlier coaching style was at Clemson after Clemson won the National Championship. JVM’s Stake In College Championship

Yesterday, however, my observation looked silly when the Patriots won, as Coach Belichick is the king of hard-nosed, serious coaches. He doesn’t care about millennials, social media, or niceties of any kind. He is all about performance and the numbers.

Here’s the thing – both styles work but you just need to be consistent, according to an article I read on Forbes and our own experience.

As a manager, you can either be hard-nosed and numbers driven, or culture-obsessed. You just can’t be both, as it sends conflicting messages.

You can be like Zappos or Southwest Airlines (with great cultures) or like Amazon (tough culture). You can’t, however, combine the cultures.

Heejin is all about performance and numbers, and I am all about an employee-friendly culture b/c of bad experiences I had at other companies. A few years ago when we tried to blend both styles, we sent mixed messages and confused everyone. We now focus much more on our very employee-centric culture and we are flourishing.

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Jay Voorhees
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