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How Our Culture Obsession Helps Everyone

How Our Culture Obsession Helps Everyone

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.” We feature this quote by Peter Drucker on our website’s career page b/c we know it is true.

Our internal culture of psychological safety, communication, congeniality, openness and inclusion is JVM’s secret sauce. We never lose focus on it.

Last week a team member sent this email to the entire office:
“I have never worked in such a positive and supportive environment. Before I worked here I used to hate getting out of bed every morning for work – now I love heading to work in the morning. That has to do with the job itself but it is mostly because of everyone here!”

How does this help readers of our blog?

If you run a team or business, please steal our culture obsession. Your organization will run far better, and your job will become very fun.

If you are a referral source, you will love working with our wonderfully congenial and professional team, and you will know for certain that your clients will be well-taken care of.

If you are a borrower, you will love working with us. As we say on our career page, “ecstatic employees make for ecstatic customers.

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