Beware of Coaches...  Could They Do It Now?

    Several years ago, Heejin and I were in Las Vegas at a huge mortgage event listening to the usual array of celebrity speakers and industry experts. Several of the most prominent speakers were coaches who were selling their systems or services for large dollar amounts. All of them of course would mention their own track records as proof of their success.

    We found out later, however, that many of the speakers had either been out of the business for many years or they were simply making up their numbers. One coach in particular had a successful model that worked well in the 1990s but no longer works in the technology era, especially in sophisticated markets.

    This is why we warn people all the time to make sure their coaches have systems that still carry water. Or, if they were forced back into business, could they do it now?

    We sometimes throw out advice in these blogs or face to face (Heejin meets with people often), but with all of our advice we can always say – “we are doing it now, so we know it works.”

    Interesting aside: Heejin and I did hire an excellent coach from the Las Vegas event, but he focused on business and lifestyle roadblocks, and he turned his students into mastermind groups that shared best practices. And – it was extremely effective overall.

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