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In Defense of Cities & Large Offices

I once had a client who was a commercial airline pilot living in San Francisco. As a pilot, he could live anywhere in the U.S., so he decided to sell and use his equity “to pay cash for paradise” in Tennessee. He lasted two years. He moved back, at an enormous cost, b/c he missed […]Read More

How Do We Build & Maintain Culture? Don’t Hire Jay & Heejin

We constantly tout JVM’s “Super Culture” as our secret sauce in our blogs, website and conversations. In response to a blog last week, several people asked what we do to cultivate our culture. We do far more than just talk about it. It starts with the interview process. We make it very clear how our […]Read More

How Our Culture Obsession Helps Everyone

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.” We feature this quote by Peter Drucker on our website’s career page b/c we know it is true. Our internal culture of psychological safety, communication, congeniality, openness and inclusion is JVM’s secret sauce. We never lose focus on it. Last week a team member sent this email to the entire […]Read More