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Finding Sellers/Listings With A.I. – Why We Know It Works

Revaluate can predict when couples, like the one pictured, are going to move using predictive analytics and AI to find when engaged, or young families are ready to move.

I touted Predictive Analytics and A.I. to find potential sellers numerous times last year and early this year b/c it is clearly so effective.

This blog from February is just one example.

I tout Revaluate in particular because they are so inexpensive and effective.

I am revisiting this topic now though b/c we recently put our money where our mouth is and allowed Revaluate to analyze a portion of our own database.

And sure enough – we immediately came up with 54 homeowners who are very likely to sell in the next 3 to 6 months.

Needless to say, we immediately reached out to the agents who referred those homeowners to us when they were buyers.

And – those agents are now reaching out to those homeowners with a very strong likelihood of garnering listing agreements.

As a quick reminder, Revaluate employs extremely sophisticated A.I. and data searches across public records, social media, and primary media sources to legally garner a stunning level of data relating to every homeowner in their database.

They use that data primarily to look for life events that portend a move.

I borrowed the below text directly from Revaluate’s website:


Revaluate knows the Data D’s that cause people to move: Diamonds, Diplomas, Death, Divorce, Downsizing, Dumpsters, Diapers, Discretionary Income, and The Daily Grind.

These indicate with a high degree of accuracy the likelihood of moving – they are the life events that our predictive analytics algorithms look for to determine the likelihood of someone needing to buy or sell a home.

Anyway – I am again touting Revaluate and A.I. to help spot potential sellers (and listings).

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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