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A.I. Will Create Far More Jobs Than It Kills

I had a friend in high school who worked for Sentry Insurance as a typist for what would be about $40 per hour today – and man was I jealous. […]Read More

Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Take Over Mortgage Lending? So We Can Push A Button & Get A Loan?

Knock knock. Who’s there? Real Estate. Real Estate who? Real Estate the perfect home for you Yeah, I didn’t get it either… BUT – that was the result when I […]Read More

How Monkeys Close Loans in 10 Days; Purchases? Not So Much…

30-MINUTE LOANS Closing a conforming (Fannie/Freddie) refinance for a W2’d employee with good credit can take less than 30 minutes of effort on the part of a lender. This is […]Read More

Finding Sellers/Listings With A.I. – Why We Know It Works

I touted Predictive Analytics and A.I. to find potential sellers numerous times last year and early this year b/c it is clearly so effective. This blog from February is just […]Read More