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10 Reasons For Enormous Optimism In 2024!

2023 was probably the worst year in history for the mortgage industry – and we’re all happy to see it go, as the total losses were well into the billions. It was worse than 1981 even (when the Fed Funds Rate hit 20%) because of all the over-capacity (and excess competition) left over from the COVID boom.Read More

A.I. Will Create Far More Jobs Than It Kills

I had a friend in high school who worked for Sentry Insurance as a typist for what would be about $40 per hour today – and man was I jealous. The law firms and investment banks I worked at in the 1980s also had “typist pools” for the old guys (we youngsters were utterly perplexed by the inefficiency ofRead More

Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Take Over Mortgage Lending? So We Can Push A Button & Get A Loan?

Knock knock. Who’s there? Real Estate. Real Estate who? Real Estate the perfect home for you Yeah, I didn’t get it either… BUT – that was the result when I […]Read More

How Monkeys Close Loans in 10 Days; Purchases? Not So Much…

30-MINUTE LOANS Closing a conforming (Fannie/Freddie) refinance for a W2’d employee with good credit can take less than 30 minutes of effort on the part of a lender. This is […]Read More

Finding Sellers/Listings With A.I. – Why We Know It Works

I touted Predictive Analytics and A.I. to find potential sellers numerous times last year and early this year b/c it is clearly so effective. This blog from February is just […]Read More