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6 Awesome Tips For Facebook Marketing; A Must in 2017

6 Awesome Tips For Facebook Marketing; A Must in 2017 “Facebook is the internet.” I have read or heard that at least ten times in the last two weeks. If that phrase is not yet a cliché to you, you are probably not marketing enough or properly.

In 2017, the most effective way to market is via social media, and especially via Facebook, b/c it is cheap and b/c you can directly target your audience.

Facebook averages 1.3 billion active users every day. That is about 1/6 of the world’s population, and equivalent to the entire population of the western world.

You need to market on Facebook if you want to survive.

Tip #1: Maintain a Business Page AND a Personal Page. You need a business page to “boost” your posts. Boosting is a very inexpensive way to ensure that your relevant posts are seen by specific target groups.

Tip #2: Images = Everything. Employ stunning, eye-catching images with every post. There is too much competition for eyeballs nowadays, and people simply don’t click on text alone. Great images must accompany your messages if you want them read, even if the images don’t match the message. There are many sources for finding and creating great imagery – but one of our favorites is Canva.

Tip #3: Best Time To Post is Weekdays From 1 to 4 PM. This is peak procrastination time during the week, which means your audience will be distracting themselves from their work by spending time on their phone.  The worst time to post is before 8 AM or after 8 PM on weekends. The peak time of all is Wednesday at 3 PM. Your personal groups may vary, and fortunately Facebook provides analytics that tell when your friends are most active.

Tip #4: What to Post. Emotional over promotional – post great testimonials and pictures of happy clients. Post relevant news for your clients. Personal posts are great too, but they should not dominate.

Tip #5: Post Once a Day. Consistency is key. Posting more than once a day has the potential to annoy.

Tip #6: Target Your Audience. There are many ways to hone in your target audience – age, zip code, education, professions, etc. You can also use specific names and email addresses to find Facebook accounts.

I could go on forever with tips, but if you want more help – please contact Nicholas Saenz in our office, as he is our resident marketing expert and more than willing to answer all of your questions. You can email Nicholas at [email protected] or call him at (925) 331-8227.

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